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December 13

Today is the day of Santa Lucia. I haven´t seen any celebration of it yet, so you´ll have a photo of these two nisser instead. I will look for Lucia brides, if you can´t wait, please look at my post from last year, or the year before.


December 12

Yesterday, we passed the royal palaces, on our way to the church concert. Just as we reached the square, “Amalienborg slotsplads” where the queen and her family are living, the clock was 12, and the soldiers came back from their daily walk through the Copenhagen streets, to make changing of the guard.

December 11

No christmas without Händel´s Messias. I went to lisent to this music in the old Copenhagen church Garnisons kirken (1716)  today.

My husband took this photo, showing 3 Danish bloggers met by surprise at the concert. One of us knew the two others. Two of us knew only one. Everyone knew each others blog. Two are in family. Two have known eachother as kids….can you guess who is who?

December 10

The walking street (Strøget) in the center of Copenhagen.


December 9

The reason that I am a bit busy these days, is because I am having a welcoming visit of  my Greek friend Andreas, and his wife Mira.  Andreas has made boat trips at Samos for more than 35 years now, and he is known as Captain Andreas by anyone who have been visiting this beautiful island. I believe  that only a  few people know how much work it really takes, to make these trips become – and look like – a paradise of relaxing, enjoying the sun, the sea and the serving. But believe me, this is work from early morning to late evening – only interrupted by some cold winter months. Partly spend in Denmark, this year.

Yesterday was only 0 degrees, and the snow started melting…

…but today it started to snow again.

December 8

The sky has disappeared today.

Luckily the red letterbox is still here, to brighten up the day a bit.

December 7

Its time to make the traditional jule konfekt. (Christmas candy)

December 6

I´d like to show you this sight, which I now have to look at every day.  The tree is just outside my front door, and the action took place this morning and some days ago.. Now let me hear what you think about it, who did this….(I know, but I am still surprised.)

UPDATE: Here is the little bandit

December 5