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brown frosty leaf tarding

Little cold leaf



Frost in a red bowl

frost leaves in red tarding

First day with frost offers interesting finds in garden bowls and buckets.

10 years

blue curtain lille

2018, and 10 years of blogging. Time to thank all kind people who have made it possible, by viewing, commenting and liking the photos I have shown. Little by little, a nice community of bloggers appeared, and for some years we even made fun photo assignments, that made us know even more blogs. 10 years of blogging, and 10 years of making friends from all over the world. And 10 years of language exercises. I am looking forward to a Good New Year to come.

Happy New Year

birgitte tarding new year card

December 24 – Last day of the advent calendar


The final day, the gift day, traveling day, family dinner and the day which just have to be HYGGELIG – cozy. Some families are going to church in the afternoon, others are busy preparing the Christmas dinner, or still trying to figure out if any gifts are missing, and if so, desperately trying to find a shop which aren´t closed. After dinner, the dance around the tree, with children just waiting for one thing, the last song and then – the gifts. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Season greetings, Happy holidays. Thank you for following this years “Christmas calendar”.

December 23


One day left, and all the nisser will disappear…


December 22




A very practical tool in December, the ÆBLESKIVE-PANDE “apple slice pan”. For the rest of the year, a bit of a “dust collector”. Never the less, it is a normal thing to have in the kitchen.

December 21

2017-12-21 18.50.472017-12-21 18.50.542017-12-21 18.50.592017-12-21 18.51.21

A so called JULE-DEKORATION “Christmas decoration” for making the home a bit more festive, or used as a gift for the host at a Christmas get-together. The theme is forest and nature elements, often with a nisse or two included.