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Summer mosaic

My summer 2014 mosaic

Then comes 3 months of autumn and time to prepare for the winter. This summer have been very warm and sunny, with temperatures over 30 degrees. I wouldn’t mind the sun and its warmth to stay close to us a bit longer, but I guess folks on the other side of the planet are waiting and looking forward to use their swimsuits, – so that would be a bit unfair. Luckily I have all the photos, hopefully enough to keep the blog warm for a while.


Happy new year 2013


I wish to thank everyone who read my blog and wish you a very happy new year. My little collage shows photos typical for each month in Denmark.

January very dark, February cold and perhaps snow, March the first small spring flowers appears, easter and teasing letters in April, strong colored tulips in May, rain in June, peonies in July, lovely sunset in August, first sign of autumn in September, fungi in October, cold and darkness in November, and finally the advent wreath in December. Glimpse of the year as it was, and also how it will be again. A never-ending cycle. And when it comes to this blog, I start my 6th year of blogging today,I begin to think that it has become an integrated part of this circle, thanks to all the sympathetic bloggers I have come to know over the years, who inspire, show new worlds, and spend time giving me really useful feedback. Thank you.
See you in a -hopefully- happy new blogging year.


Sometimes, when there are absolutely nothing interesting  to take photos of, – and time enough to wonder about how that happened-, new subjects appear from out of nowhere. I enjoy these  moments of intensive attention.

Close-up assignment

This is my contribution to Scott Thomas´12th assignment “Close up photography”. If you are here for the first time, I will recomend you to go to Scotts blog where you can find a lot of information and tips about close-up photography, and you can enjoy the other contributers photos.

Collage for Deanna

I´ve made this collage, thinking of  jeweler artist Deanna Gracie in New Zealand.  In September 2010, an earthquake destroyed Deanna’s gallery. She found a new place and worked hard on making it ready for a new start.  At January 28, she announced the opening.

The new earthquake at 21.2. 2011 is the worst in New Zealand for 80 years. Many people have died, and many buildings in Christchurch is now in ruins. I was relieved to see a note at Facebook, a person had heard from another that Deanna was OK.  I don´t know anything more than that, and I can imagine the chaos. My thoughts is with you Deanna.

Withered tulip collage

A little (big) something…

Isa told me that she would send me “a little something”.

Having received the parcel, I must say this is a big understatement; Isa has made a very  beautiful quilt collage inspired by one of my collages. Every little square in this quilt is perfectly selected and made to match the images on the photo collage. When I opened the parcel, I saw that immediately, take a look and see what you think.
What a wonderful surprise, thank you so much, Isa.

Some of Isa´s quilts; here another here and one more here

Happy New Year

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year, I will be looking  forward to read about it in your blogs. Thank you for all the wonderful comments you have send me.

See you in 2011.

Autumn 2010

For some time, I haven´t had time for blogging, but here I am back again, to join the new  assignment of Scott Thomas, this time with the subject Autumn. My intension is to post photos from the Copenhagen area, but for a beginning, I have made this collage. Autumn starts in September, and usualy it brings many nice motives to catch. When we have reached november, and cold days, the motives have been seen and the whole thing is beginning to be a bit depressing, and when we change clock into wintertime, and need to turn on the light at 3 or 4 o´clock, one start thinking of how to survive until spring. Blogging could be a way.
If you are interested in joining the assignment, please take a look at Scotts blog for futher information. Deadline is November 24, which shows that I am in very good time for once, – I think I have to thank Gerry for that. 😉

Click this for big size photo.