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February collage

February collage

Finally, February has come to an end. Tomorrow is the first day of spring in Denmark, it´s still very cold – but it is spring. The calender say so, and I´m not going to argue against that. Thank you for visiting the blog this month, for the encouraging comments, and for the “likes”, which I like too.  I hope you were inspired in one way or another.

October color mosaic



September colour mosaic


August colour mosaic


July colour mosaic

open air museum Denmark   

I almost forgot to make the colour mosaic of pictures from july, but here it is.

June colour mosaic

Tidsel midsummerday sankt hans  
cloudes behind bars 2  Cloudes behind bars 
red rose    
 sankt Hans Gear wheel

May colour mosaic

Poppy leaves from apple flowers   
 Rain at the street  structure5 
 Tulip Dandelion 

April colour mosaic

Tulip  another wet red surface lattice-sky 
 Tulip A clematis from my garden sun at a yellow bus 
Blue rain 1 Left over  Banana  
  Sun at a yellow bus 

January colour mosaic

w-klemme.jpg  sten.jpg  dugget-rude.jpg 
a-hassel.jpg  i-fart-2.jpg  tern-udsnit.jpg 
aftenhimmel-og-tree.jpg  snebolde1.jpg  colour-soltrae.jpg  
krims-krams-farve-blanding2.jpg  gadelygter.jpg  glaskugle.jpg
strandudsnit.jpg  moon4.jpg  indoor-sun.jpg
red-leaves.jpg  bestik.jpg  sne2.jpg
grene-og-himmel.jpg  g-baglygter.jpg  korstree.jpg