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Rain at the street and strange bird behaviour.

Rain at the street 

Rain at the street

After weeks of sunshine, the rain was a welcoming guest, both to the plants and to me.

I saw something very surprisingly in the garden,  when I was looking out of the window. Participants were a pidgin and two magpies. They were all eating the leftovers of the rabbits feed. Suddenly, one of magpies began to pull the feathers of the pidgin. The strange thing was, that the pidgin didn´t care at all, it just kept on eating, while now both magpies tried everything to stop it. They even pulled one of the  wings straight out. Later I saw these feathers. Maybe the pidgin actualy liked to get rid of them?



erikatakacs asked some time ago for all kinds of textiles, patterns and textures. It has been fun to look for that kind of motives, and I am seeing structures and pattern everywhere now. Here is some of them.


It looks all right, but who knows what´s under the cover?

A rose

A rose for you

I am sending this rose to my friend in Japan. It has been growing in my garden, I don´t know what the name of it is, but it is a very beautiful rose. I hope it will brighten up the day.

Garden performance



A spiders working place

Evening traffic

Leaves are leaving

leaves from apple flowers