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Colorful night-drive


Nothing to see


…at least not a train…

White spring



The snow that we didn´t have at christmas, or any other winter day, came surprisingly yesterday.



At the café with a goat.


Have you ever been at a cafe with a goat?  This picture is from Pythagorion, Samos, Greece. We went to have a coffe with our friend Andreas, – and his goat Marco. Samos ia a wonderful island, you should visit it one day. Take a look at and see some photos from there.

A mosaic of colourful folds

fold1.jpeg fold2.jpeg fold8.jpeg

fold3.jpeg fold9.jpeg fold7.jpeg

fold4.jpeg fold5.jpeg fold6.jpeg

This is a little carpet I have made out of coloured linen. When folding it, new colours are made from the shadows.

It´s a tulip


Some yellow is needed at this page now.

ArtRain in my garden

1-rain-f.jpg 1-rain-d.jpg 1-rain-e.jpg



1-rain-h.jpg 1-rain-a.jpg 1-rain-i.jpg

I went out in the garden this morning, decided to make some colorful photos in the sunshine, that appeared now and then. The grass was very wet, as it have been raining all night, and as I carefully walked around, trying to avoid the puddles, I discovered that the garden was full of wonderful artwork, dropped down directly from the sky. Thankyou.

A feather in my garden


I found this feather in the garden one morning. Was it too ugly to wear, or is it the remnant of an unpleasant meeting??