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snowdrop comming through

It´s good to know that signs of spring are coming through no matter what.

Sorry for waking you up…

I love my rake. I love to rake the dead leaves and withered grass away, and little by little find signs of spring under the brown winter cover. I know the birds likes me to do it; they are watching me from a  safe distance, ready to investigate the area as soon as I am leaving it.
Today was a nicely warm day, a true “rake day”. A spring-day. I went out and grabbed the rake. There are many dead leaves to be removed, but I am enjoying to do it. I worked with energy for a while, but suddenly I discovered a very sleepy bumblebee staggering sleepily a few steps. ( Not sure how to describe so many legs only walk a little, lets say a few Hunblebee-steps.) When I sat down to watch it, I was close enough to get  ” the look “. Too early, Mam. It stretched its legs…and went to sleep again.
Sorry for waking you up, little buddy, but thanks a lot for keeping still. Nice fur.

I have to control myself and my rake a bit longer. Rain tomorrow will help me doing that.

Blue rain

Blue rain 1

Bleu rain 2

blue rain

Earth hour, no problem!



Who need light at all?

Earth Hour


The garden is calling


Soon the weather will be appealing to all of us “home-gardeners”, who have spend many a winter day planning and dreaming about the perfect garden, filled with happy people making barbecue and cold drinks. OK, lets say a nice and cosy garden with a visitor now and then…OK,  maybe just hoping that the mailman doesn´t disappear in the wildness this year…

A hand at the mirror


It isn´t always boring to wash and clean…

End of easter 2008


The weather was not exactly encouraging, this easter holliday. The only colour to see outside was the red shed in the garden.


 The colour situation was better inside, in the kitchen.


Today, Easter is over, and daily life continues – but with a sky like this, I don´t mind.

Light and shadow

light-and-shadow.jpg light-and-shadow1.jpg

light-and-shadow2.jpg light-and-shadow3.jpg

The sun was shining through the curtains. Because of the wind outside, the shadows changed constantly, and made it all look like a living artwork.