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Ordinary inspiration

Sometimes, when it seems like there isn´t anything to take pictures of, it’s time to open ones eyes a little bit more. Here is what I saw a rainy day, while waiting for summer to come:  A melon in a bowl with holes, a folded foil, a little puddle, a cherry stalk  and a pizza bag.

( Still waiting for summer …)

PS. If you need inspiration, take a look at this great blog

Autumn collage

I wish you everyday life back

Though I haven´t had time for blogging for a while, I have of course been thinking of you my blog friends every day. I am looking forward to read your blogs and see your photos again, and catch up what is going on in your lives.My thoughts have also been – and they still are – with the Japanese people, who suffer from three terrible catastrophes at the same time.In my peaceful part of the world, I believe most people find it difficult to imagine the size of this catastrophe. This “before and after photos” helps to understand.
Today is the birthday of my Japanese friend. I wish you a Happy birthday Sumire, and  everyday life back as soon as possible.

Collage for Deanna

I´ve made this collage, thinking of  jeweler artist Deanna Gracie in New Zealand.  In September 2010, an earthquake destroyed Deanna’s gallery. She found a new place and worked hard on making it ready for a new start.  At January 28, she announced the opening.

The new earthquake at 21.2. 2011 is the worst in New Zealand for 80 years. Many people have died, and many buildings in Christchurch is now in ruins. I was relieved to see a note at Facebook, a person had heard from another that Deanna was OK.  I don´t know anything more than that, and I can imagine the chaos. My thoughts is with you Deanna.


Happy New Year

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year, I will be looking  forward to read about it in your blogs. Thank you for all the wonderful comments you have send me.

See you in 2011.


18 October:
Sunrise 7:46 am,  sunset 6:02 pm.

Daylight  10 hours and 16 minutes, which is 7 hours and 7 minutes shorter than the longest day.

Answer of the riddle:

Would you like a banana?

During the second WW, we had no bananas. I say we, but actually I wasn´t born back then, and so I never learn how it feels to miss bananas. Of course one can learn some by listening to  “Yes,-we have no bananas”, and the Danish song “Når der kommer en båd med bananer” (When the boat with bananas will arrive, then…), but the fact that the feeling of missing something can stay in one´s mind for ever, even when the “problem” isn´t there anymore, was an experience that came to me, when my great grand mother  in 1989 turned 90 years. Her old friends and cousins were gathered in her little cosy flat, for the occation decorated with flowers and flags. Royal porcelain bowls were filled with delicate chocolates for the guests, and the finest crystal glasses had been taken out from dark cabinets, to be filled with sherry or liqueur. Everything was as  fine and special as we – her family – thought she would like. When the guests were nicely seated my great grandmother, (who btw was totally fresh)  asked them “Would you like a banana”? No doubt that this question surprised me, but I was even more surprised about the reaction from the guests, whom apparently found this offer absolutely relevant. Great grandmother knew best what would mark a day as special for her guests, and for herself. This was a good lesson for me.

I will leave you with the same question as my great grandmother, though this time not with  reference to privations, only to the joy of shapes and light.
Would you like a banana?
The first bananas -after the war – came to Denmark in may 1952.

Wet spring

It is told that the next two-three days will be sunny, with temperatures a little higher than the 12-17C we are having today. Hopefully it won´t cause heatstroke for anyone.  These photos are from the past week.

Please notice that Scott Thomas has made a new assignment, open for everyone.