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Light and shadow collage

shadow and light collage copyright Birgitte Tarding

Thank you for comments and likes to the past 20 “Light and shadow photos”, which were made to celebrate the 25th  assignment, made by by Scott Thomas.

Light and shadow # 20


Fun with flowers

tulip 2

tulip 1

tulip 3

tulip 5

tulip 4 

When the lovely flowers you got from a dear person  start withering, don’t be sorry and especially don’t throw them away. Move the vase to a calm place instead, where the flowers undisturbed can unfold their drama, without risking that your visitors will get worried, about your apparently lost energy. The changes are both very interesting and – very photogenic. Let the sun shine through the petals, and enjoy the sight. Lately I found myself receiving a lovely bouquet of tulips, thinking “they will look beautiful…when they start withering.” Of course I enjoyed them as fresh flowers first, the withering fun started one week later, and it was fun – as you can see at the photos.


February inspiration 22

tuborg 800X736

Have a beer, – a Danish TUBORG or CARLSBERG.

February inspiration 16

a summer collage

Today a summer collage from the archive, I need to see a bit of sunshine now.


“Colorful assignment” preparation 3

I use to take a good look of the background before I choose angle, usually there will be a good color to use somewhere. The reason I tell you about this, is because I am going to advocate for the fun assignment over at Scott Thomas blog. You can join by posting a colorful photo at your own blog, and then post a link to it at Scott´s site, before end of november 21.


“Colorful assignment” preparation 1

…as many colorful photos as possible…. ( link )

My crop today was made out of this photo.