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Kings garden

Just a few minutes walk  away from the bike-parking chaos at Nørreport station, there is this big park called “Kongens have”  The kings garden.  A bit of a contrast to the busy life around it. The park is closed in the night, it opens at 7 in the morning, and close depending of the time of year. 5 pm at winter and 10 pm at midsummer. The Kings garden is connected to the little castle Rosenborg. Some of you may have seen photos from this park, here at my blog, many times – I know.

Flying flowers


A closer look


And now a little touch of colour

from the electronically world.

Some round colours


Some cold leaves,


and some nice Danish words about the cold weather, written by Steen Steensen Blicher. Unfortunately, I can´t translate them, but you can read about the famous Danish writer here:

The words in Danish:

Det er koldt herude,
ravne skrige, ugler tude,
søge føde, søge læ.
Kragen spanker om med skaden
højt på rygningen af laden,
skeler til det tamme kræ.

Steen Steensen Blicher, 1838

Let´s have a nice big smile…


to welcome another new week, with gray sky and low temperatures .

Colour mosaic


Lets have some more colours at this gray, stormy day.

January colour mosaic

w-klemme.jpg  sten.jpg  dugget-rude.jpg 
a-hassel.jpg  i-fart-2.jpg  tern-udsnit.jpg 
aftenhimmel-og-tree.jpg  snebolde1.jpg  colour-soltrae.jpg  
krims-krams-farve-blanding2.jpg  gadelygter.jpg  glaskugle.jpg
strandudsnit.jpg  moon4.jpg  indoor-sun.jpg
red-leaves.jpg  bestik.jpg  sne2.jpg
grene-og-himmel.jpg  g-baglygter.jpg  korstree.jpg