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December 17

Nisse village 12

nisse village snow

People studying a little nisse village, and the snow, -or is it really snow?

December 16

Every child has a calender with 24 small “doors” to open, one for every day in December until Christmas. There are of course many different types of calenders, but the most popular is the one connected to the daily episode of a Christmas story in TV.

Profit from the sale of this calender, called Børnenes U-landskalender 2011 (the children´s U land calender) is always used for supporting children in developing countries. This year the money goes to a project for children in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

I don´t have any calender to show you, instead I will show you a calender for grown ups, a kind of December lottery. Every day has a secret symbol hidden behind some gray “rubber”. If one gets the right numbers of santa claus or christmastrees or another symbol, a price has been won. At the 24, the result will show if this buy was an extraordinary good one, or just a paying to be entertained.


nov 480X700

My son is 18 today. “Come of age” is what I can find in the wordbook right now. We are calling it “MYNDIG”, which means that he according to the law is a grown-up.

He is allowed to vote, to drive a car, (with a license), sign any dokument, get any kind of payment card, borrow money, get married, buy cigarets, ……oh dear, life was more easy, when all there was to worry about, was if the hiding place would be discovered……. At least for me! 🙂

Happy birthday!

We all have to economize…

halow2 536X800

Even ghosts are clearly suffering under the financial crisis…

Happy halloween!

Portrait of a snail and a smile

white-lipped snail

My niece, who BTW gave me the name  Giiid because she couldn´t say Birgitte yet, asked me to take a photo of a snail that she had found in the garden.

These snails are everywhere, harmless with only a few enemies; birds and garden owners – (wikipedia). Wiki doesn´t mention their friends; the children, who loves to study the snail hiding / comming out of the shell. The snails would most likely be better served without this  interesse, but the children enjoy their found, no doubt.

White-lipped snail

After the snail photosession,  I asked my niece if I could take her photo. She refused, and I had to make fun with her, to get my picture. The camera is obviously not made for that kind of photography, but never mind, I got my smile.