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A cloudy day

Clouds at frilandsmuseet 2

Clouds at Frilandsmuseet 1

open air museum Denmark 4

A very cloudy day at the Danish open air museum in Lyngby.

Light and shadow # 20


Light and shadow # 16

brown shadow on a brick

Spøttrup castle

Tracy, Reggie and every other princess or prince of mind around the blogsphere, let me and my handsome knight show you the medieval castle Spøttrup in Denmark.

Did you like it? To be honest, I didn´t mind to go back to reality, after a very interesting tour around the castle.  It is after all difficult if not impossible to feel how it must have been to live under such circumstances, without all the modern facilities we take for granted, heating for instance. Or a bathroom…medical care and what about blogging…no, all we can do is try to imagine, so that´s what we did.

Rain in the city



The black-smith´s house

smedens hus

The black-smiths house (1845) and the village pond.

From the open-air-museum

frilandsmuseet hus 62

Frilandsmuseet hus 61 800X567

A couple of houses from the open-air-museum close to Copenhagen. A very nice place to take a walk. All of the houses have been transported in pieces from their original place, and have been rebuild at the museum. There are about 100 buildings to see, and most of them are open, with interior. Sometimes there are theater, market, old dances and other events. It´s very easy to get there, – only problem is to convince the family that looking at old houses (once more) is worth their limited free time.

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RGB with lines

 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3