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Deanna Gracie´s beautiful handmade jewellery


I look foreward to showing you this beautiful  jewellery, handmade by Deanna Gracie, New Zealand. Her work have converted me from having no interesse in  jewellery, to be absolutely in love with this wonderful pieces of tribute to nature and life. 
Some of you might have seen her blog, via my blogroll, or maybe her website  If not, I recomend you to take a look. You will find more about Deanna, and the prices there.

Deanna has allowed me to show her photos, and I have made this collage out of a few. Everyone protected by COPYRIGHT Deanna Gracie.


April colour mosaic

Tulip  another wet red surface lattice-sky 
 Tulip A clematis from my garden sun at a yellow bus 
Blue rain 1 Left over  Banana  
  Sun at a yellow bus 

Blue rain

Blue rain 1

Bleu rain 2

blue rain

Laundry in danger…

Tulip in pieces




Automatically generated ghost

I was very surprised to see links to other (commercial) blogs appear just under my own text, as if I thought that my viewers needed wedding equipment, or to read about the mystery of electronically gadgets.  Well, that has never been my intention with this blog, and I don´t like some ghost to make it look like if it is.

After some reading at Word Press help, I found out how to remove the links, I also discovered that this is a new SERVICE (!) from Word press. What a strange idea. As this new service is for everybody, you could possibly be interested in how to avoid it.

Go to DESIGN and choose EXTRAS. Here you can choose if you want the ghost or not.



And now a little touch of colour

from the electronically world.

April sunday at the country

art at the field



wheel track

Blue sky with accessories



We went to town, to do some shopping at the shopping centre this afternoon. 
Shops were like shops use to be; filled with  accessories to life; some usable, some unusable, – most of them expensive and unnecessary. 

The large range of accessories outside the shopping centre, totally free, and much more exquisitely, made us look like tourists, when we grabbed the cameraes, and with enthusiasm clicked all the goods in  our baskets, – on the way back to the car.