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February inspiration 6

hello cat


birds at grey sky

Rav Amber kopi

January is usually dark and cold, and the month contains an endless number of days. According to the calender 31, but I´m not sure that is correct. One good thing about this time of year though, is the possibility to find amber along the west coast of Jutland. Amber will be washed up on the beach with the big waves at wintertime.

December 14


I don´t know this cat, it was suddenly in my garden. Perhaps it is a nisse?

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December 13

Nisse hide

I was a little puzzled by these animal tracks, it looks like if a small animal has come out from his hiding place, found out it was too cold and then hurried back. As I have told before, Nisser can change into an animal, so this is probably a Nisse hide, – or what do you think it is?

Today is Saint Lucy day, more about that at My Daily Denmark.

Walnut tree

Years ago, a gardening day, I suddenly got a walnut with a tiny sprout in my hand. Probably a result of forgotten winter supplies, made by a squirrel. A little fragile green sprout with an enormous power and will to be big and tall one day. Very big and tall. What to do with that little sprout? Place it somewhere, and make a plan of where to have a walnut tree in the garden. I like plans. It wasn’t difficult to find a temporary place for a 1 inch walnut tree. Check, this part done.

The garden plan, though, had to be very good, if possible perfect, and that would take time to finish. After some years, I realized that it probably was necessary to speed up my decision a bit.  Time is a cheater, suddenly it runs faster than one ever had imagined. Or more correctly, what I ever had imagined, – because my neighbour apparently has a very good imagination, when it comes to walnut trees. I know because he has informed me about this several times.

One day the little tree began to produce walnuts, and I got curious to see how that would develop. A few more years passed, the amount of walnuts increased and the squirrels began to come and go along its branches to get nuts, as if it had become a squirrel seven eleven.

Perhaps this old squirrel didn’t forget the walnut back then, perhaps it had a long term plan. Though it didn’t live long enough to enjoy the sight and especially the taste of the walnuts, it made sure that a new generation would benefit from it. And as their ancestor did, they continue to dig nuts as winter storage – and to forget some. A perfect coordinated plan.

Any thoughts about eventually cutting the tree down have been disabled.  I am beginning to see my role in all this, as being a person who doesn’t spoil a long-time plan made by a squirrel. Perhaps I should try to convince my neighbour about the positive in that angle of the case. I have to mention to you, that the tree is placed in the far end of the garden, and that no human has been harmed by it’s shadow.

Never the less, I had a good time standing under the tree, waiting for the squirrel to come. As I stood there,  my eyes suddenly focused on a branch;  – a heart! – and one more, – and one more – hearts everywhere. I´ve never noticed that before, but I think I will take it personally.

Squirrel for tea

An unexpected guest for tea and  scones. Well, this is not really a scone, rather a soft roll, – but I think my guest had other worries.

(These photos are taken through the window with 2 layers of old glass. Just to explain the photo quality.)


Almost invisible,

– or not to overlook.

Hi there…

..have you seen Tracys lazy squirrels ? They sure know how to relax, – unlike me and my brother.




December 6

I´d like to show you this sight, which I now have to look at every day.  The tree is just outside my front door, and the action took place this morning and some days ago.. Now let me hear what you think about it, who did this….(I know, but I am still surprised.)

UPDATE: Here is the little bandit