Beautiful faded flowers

tulips tarding

The tulip season has started, and so has the time for fun photo sessions, when the aging flowers are ready to leave the vase.

tulip crop tarding 2

tulip crop tarding


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  1. Gerry on

    It’s lovely to see so much color! We’re having a little bit of sloppy snow just now – we are hoping it will melt away by itself before we have to clear it off the steps. Happy Springtime, Birgitte!

    • Giiid on

      Thank you Gerry, what a welcoming surprise, to find your comment here. I went to your blog at once, to see if you perhaps had made a new post. Not yet, but perhaps you have one in mind? That would be nice. I know it is time consuming to answer all the comments you get, but why not just turn that possibility off now and then?

      Spring should have been here one month ago, but like at your place, frost and snow are still here. The weather is behaving differently from what we are used to, slowly we realizing that the change has come to stay. Houses and streets are being prepared for heavy rain in the future, asphalt are removed to allow water to pass, and new ideas to make temporary space for water are added to the planning of the city. Changes are everywhere.

      One thing that never change though, is the longing for spring, the warmth, the sounds and all the colors. Luckily my photo archive are free of climate change, so at least it is possible to get a little sense of spring from there, even it doesn´t either smell or sound like the real thing.

    • uphilldowndale on

      GERRY! How lovely to see you out and about in blogland! We’ve missed you soooo much.

  2. uphilldowndale on

    I think tulips look so lovely as they fade, I’m never in a hurry to throw them on the compost heap.

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