Dec 4


Christmas-markets have become popular. This year the old castle “Kronborg” in Helsingør are inviting to a big market, and all kind of entertainment around the castle.





I´ll let “Visit Denmark” have the last word today:

“Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, north of Copenhagen, is one of northern Europe’s finest Renaissance castles. It is located at the entrance to Øresund and was built in 1574-1585.

Kronborg Castle is probably the most famous Danish castle, known worldwide from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.”



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  1. Reggie on

    Oh, I love Christmas markets, Birgitte. The overseas ones always look so much nicer to me than our local ones, perhaps it’s because we’re in the middle of a hot, windy and dry summer…

    • Giiid on

      Oh…poor you, having a hot summer…;-) if you saw how gray everything look here, you would probably like your local market a lot. 🙂 But I understand what you mean, and would for sure find YOUR markets much more interesting. 🙂

      • Reggie on

        I know! Lol! It’s just that all the images and traditions around Christmas are so European – with snow, hot food and drink, cold weather, etc. Down here, it’s completely different. I hope you get to visit SA sometime, so that you can experience it for yourself. 🙂

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