peony juni 16 kopi

It is summer, the weather has been very good for several weeks. Plants and grass are probably happy that the heat  has been taken over by rain and gray clouds, lasting one week from now or more. Time to go inside and look for all the sweaters and warm clothes, which have been stored somewhere in a moment of “weatherly” optimism.


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  1. Reggie on

    The petals look almost see-through and so delicate – is this a rose or a hibiscus flower? It’s lovely. I can *feel* summer by looking at it. Here, we have dark skies and rain – which we desperately need to break the long drought.

    • Giiid on

      Oh, good to hear that you finally get rain having such a situation! The flower is a pink Peony, I use to take a lot of photos of that flower when it is here. Usually one month later, but the weather have changed – as we often talk about. I´m glad to know that you almost feel the summer by looking at it. Thank you Reggie.

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