springtine in Denmark

Sunny days at spring is not a given thing, but we’ve been lucky, and I have been able to watch and enjoy all the new arrivals from a good spot, while sitting on an old garden bench. I was not the only one who had a good time at the bench, the woodpecker had too.


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  1. Reggie on

    Oh, how beautiful, Birgitte… This is so lovely.

    • Giiid on

      Hi Reggie. Thank you. Have you had a good summer?

  2. Sumire on

    Spring to early summer, lights and colors. Same in here and your place!

  3. Gerry on

    A spring collage – always a lovely thing to see. Now it’s nearly summer. Good.

    • Giiid on

      You are right Gerry, not even a colorful spring collage can stop time. I will do my best to keep the blog close related to actual time. I appreciate your hint.

      • Gerry on

        . . . and here I am, showing up late in June, still thinking of spring AND summer and watching time flow in every direction. You may blog about anything you wish anytime you wish and I will enjoy it. I saw summer snowflakes floating by on FB and loved them. I should go tell you how much.

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