December 14


Æbleskiver, – “Slice of apples”. You might wonder where the apple is. It used to be inside, in the old days. Actually it was originally a slice of apple, with a little dough. Now days it is all dough, sometimes with a tiny bit of apple inside, – to add a little authenticity.

Danish æbleskive pan

To make the æbleskiver, one need to have an æbleskive frying pan, like the one at the picture. The dough is filled in the round holes. When they begin to look brown on the outside, but still with fluent dough inside, one take a knitting needle and turn the half baked æbleskive around, so that the other half can be fried. A slice of apple can be put inside, before the the turning.
In the old days, the apple was a Christmas gift for people working on the farm. It could be dipped in a dough to add flavor and energy.


History (in Danish)

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  1. Reggie on

    They look delicious – but I would put apples and jam inside… I am curious: why are apples no longer put inside, Giiid?Are they cooked in water, or fried in hot oil?

    • Giiid on

      I thought I had showed the photo of the pan, but apparently not, but now it have. Thank you for letting me know. Apple are not valued in the same way today, still a good way to get vitamins, but not as important as back then. I suppose sugar has taken over now days. Æbleskiver is always served with sugar and jam. If it is putted inside, it would get close to the danish pastry called a “Berliner”.

  2. isathreadsoflife on

    “Boules de Berlin” is our own version of your Danish pastry. Tasty one too. A picture that makes me feel hungry.

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