Why do I blog? Danish nature photos.

leaves on table kopi

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

Why do I blog?

My answer is as simple as my photos. I blog to share the beauty I see around me, outside in nature. The same beauty as everyone else can see, if not too busy to stop.

It is my 8th year of blogging on WordPress, and still nature delivers new subjects each and every day.

I am thankful to see others enjoying my finds, as well as I enjoy to see theirs.

That is why I am blogging.


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  1. uphilldowndale on

    We must have started blogging at the same time! My motivation is very similar, I’d throw in that it also stimulates my curiosity to find out out more about some of the things that I photograph, their origins, history etc,

    • Giiid on

      You are absolutely right, a big part of the motivation comes from curiosity and the chance to getting to know more about the subjects. I find your blog interesting because you are posting in this light, – you have enlightened me several times the past 8 years. Good to know that you are out there in the blogosphere. 🙂

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