Red onion

red onion with sprouts

January is a very dark month in Denmark. Rain, wind, snow, and often a gray sky – what a relief to find an onion who doesn’t care about all that, busy as it is with producing new sprouts. Spring seems to be somewhere, though still far away to the human eye.

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  1. Reggie on

    What will you do with the red onion once it has sprouted like this, Giiid? Do you plant it out in your garden to grow more onions? How do you grow more red onions? I’m always curious about that…

    • Giiid on

      It is far to cold to plant anything, I suppose it will end in the green compost. But later on, I could plant some, I used to some years ago,

  2. Gerry on

    Wait, wait – you have green grass! We used to have green grass, a hundred years ago before this glacier came down on us from Canada. I remember it . . . green, soft, fragrant . . .

    • Giiid on

      This was only until you wrote this comment, then the snow came, and we have had it almost ever since, still not as much as you have, but I am afraid that could be the plan. Since you have such an influence on the weather, I hope you will mention something about sun and spring before too long, we almost haven´t seen the sun this month. I´m trusting in you.

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