December 22

christmastree sale Denmark


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  1. uphilldowndale on

    Do you have a traditional date for putting up the tree? Here in the UK it seems to get earlier and earlier!

    • Giiid on

      No, not as far as I know. Some people wait and take it inside the same day (24) I suppose it depends on the size, if it is a big tree, which will occupies the room, or if it is a little tree, in that case it will probably come inside in good time. There is another factor though, as you know from your own trees, – some of them can keep fresh for a long time, without losing the (little green things, we call them needles). This is the expensive ones. The other kind can´t be inside for long, before it gets too dry, they are the more cheep type. I can almost use a little mathematic to calculate the likely time; Long lasting trees are expensive, so they are usually not that big, which means that they dont occupies much space, and therefor can be places somewhere in the livingroom without problems. One more factor which I forgot to mention; no one likes to pay a lot for a tree and only use it a few days, so I guess that this type of trees are inside at least a week before Christmas, maybe more. Is it the same in UK?

  2. TheDailyClick on

    I miss having a real tree for Christmas. We’ve had an artificial one for years! The real ones just don’t last that long here in Texas, because it’s too warm and the places that sell Christmas trees rarely put them in water. And they’re expensive, too, no matter what kind you buy.

  3. Reggie on

    We have an artificial tree, as it is too hot here over December to have a real one in the house… there would be pine needles *everywhere*. I usually put it up and decorate it on the first weekend of December, and then leave it up until January. I love our little tree, and always feel sorry for putting it away for the rest of the year, so that is why I leave it on display a bit longer. 🙂

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