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It is Christmas, and I have started my Christmas calendar – but, it is also deadline for the newest assignment from Scott Thomas, with the subject: Vacation photos. Since I haven´t any fresh vacation photos, I have decided to show you some older from a trip to the wonderful Greek island Samos. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a Greek island one day, I am sure you never will regret it.

You can see the other contributions here.

6 comments so far

  1. sonali on

    Nice pictures! thank you for giving us a walk through Greek Island 🙂

  2. TheDailyClick on

    Very nice and summery!

  3. […] have always had a hankering to vacation in Greece and thanks to Birgitte at My 2008 Blog I really want to go now! The blue Mediterranean water, […]

  4. Karma on

    Lovely Giiid! Greece is on my “bucket list” for sure.

    • Giiid on

      Thank you for reponding, Karma. Greece is such a lovely place to visit, I hope for you that you will go there one day.

  5. […] See the rest here: Assignment photos | My 2008 blog […]

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