My cat friend

cat or lion

My little cat friend are visiting the garden every day now. We play with the stick you can see at the photo.

cat in a tree

This cat is extremely fast and fearless, it climbs any tree in the garden, and walk out on the thinnest branches, without any problem. The other day, when it was entering another garden where some children were playing, I heard one of them ask “What is this, -is it a cat? – it looks like a lion”.

cat in a basket

Talking of wild animals, I´d like to present you to some of the wonderful and colorful paintings of tigers the Danish painter Uffe Christoffersen has made.


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  1. uphilldowndale on

    That coat looks very high maintenance!

    • Giiid on

      I agree, it is a very fine coat, I enjoy the sight when the cat comes close. As far as I can see, this is a Norwegian forest cat, it has an interesting psyche, calm and intelligent. I have posted a few more photos.

  2. kiwidutch on

    The paintings are not my style, but your photo is cool!!! the white fur radiating out from his neck is really like a lion’s mane so I can understand the children’s comment 🙂

    • Giiid on

      Children are good observers, and also funny to listen too. At least I know now that the cat doesn’t live in their house.

  3. montucky on

    That’s a beautiful cat, and it looks like it has a lot of spirit too.

    • Giiid on

      Absolutely. I wonder what the future will bring of experiences with this my new friend. 🙂

  4. Scott Thomas Photography on

    This cat surely has the robust look of a Maine Coon.

    Psst, check out my blog for my 25th assignment. 🙂

    • Giiid on

      Interesting to learn more about cats. I didn´t know about this race, and have looked it up. It is apparently difficult to see the difference between a Norwegian forest cat and a Maine Coon, but the size and behavior make me believe that it is the first one.
      Your 25th assignment, – what a party we are going to have!! 🙂

  5. Tammy on

    She is really beautiful.

    • Giiid on

      Hi Tammy. I agree, it is a beautiful cat. I have read about it on the web and so far all of what I learned is true, it is fearless, calm, curious and friendly. The only thing I have to worry about is all the other little animals I use to enjoy, the squirrel and all kind of birds, they will get a hard time now…I suppose I have to just accept that this is how nature want it to be. Thank you for your response. 🙂

  6. Isabelle on

    What a great looking cat ! It does look like a small lion sitting up in the tree. An amazing blending between calm and wild. A beautiful creature and your photos are great. Obviously he enjoys posing for you 😉

    • Giiid on

      🙂 True, it looks like if my camera isn´t disturbing the lion, probably because there were more interesting things flying around it´s head. This cat can´t sneak many meters before the birds start alarming each other and especially trying to scare it away. Sometimes the noise makes me go outside to see what´s going on, I am curious but also ready to interrupt if I find that nature becomes a bit too real, after all it is a (medium) civilized garden. And I don´t want to loose the squirrel or any of small birds. It chases insects as well, but that is OK. One day the cat chased the squirrel, and as part of the strategy it sat in a tree very very still. I went to that tree, and stood there, because I knew the squirrel wouldn´t come then. You should have seen the look the cat send me!! 🙂

  7. flandrumhill on

    Birgitte, what a gorgeous cat that is. Felines certainly are among the most beautiful creatures to walk the earth.

    The colorful paintings you provided a link to reveal so much of the dark side of cats, both big and small: their fierceness. A couple of years ago my middle son visited a tiger reserve in Thailand and was photographed with tigers, both adults and cubs. I couldn’t help but wonder what the reserve management did to the tigers to allow them to act so tamely around visitors.

    • Giiid on

      It is indeed fascinating to be that close to a dangerous animal as your son have been. I suppose you are happy not to have known about it before later? I saw in TV a story about an American man who had wild animals at his farm, it must have been a bit nerve-wracking for the neighbors. Unfortunately they killed him at last, but it was told that he made them do it himself.

      There are a few “Safari parks” in Denmark having wild animals freely walking around, but I think the tigers are behind a fence. At least I hope so, I have never been there,- I don´t need living tigers to freshen my day or nerves. The painter Uffe Christoffersen have been living in Africa when he was child. I am sure he will be glad to learn about your comment. I want to make a blogpost about his paintings, I like the energy and colors they represent. Such a tiger would be welcome here any time.
      It was nice to read your comment, thank you. 🙂

  8. Reggie on

    That cat is truly magnificent. I would feel so honoured if it came to visit and play with me every day. Beautiful!

    • Giiid on

      I do so, feel very honoured, it is very funny that it comes when it hears the rake being used.

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