February inspiration 21

lunch in tejne

Today, something to look forward too.

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  1. flatkathy2012 on

    Oooh!! A picnic! I love picnics!!!

    • Giiid on

      Picnics are very cozy, or at least they can be. :-)The food for this picnic was transported in an old lunchbox, called a TEJNE, used by my great grandmother at least 100 years ago. They were common back then.

      • flatkathy2012 on

        I really like that. I hope you can enjoy a picnic again soon, Giiid. And perhaps we can go for a picnic together sometime!

  2. isathreadsoflife on

    What a beautiful and precious picnic box ! Its contents are quite attractive too ! I love this type of rye bread with cheese. Wouldn’t your great grandmother be happy to see her lunchbox still in use ?

    • Giiid on

      Sure, and probably surprised too, she gave it to her grandchild – my mother – about 70 years ago. On the other hand, she didn´t know about our tend to buy and throw away, so perhaps she´d just be glad, as you say. Were they used in Switzerland also?

      • isathreadsoflife on

        Oh, we are connected at the same time 🙂 No, as far as I know, we did not have such pretty lunchboxes but just simple wicker baskets whose top was closed by a lid.

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