February inspiration 9

red dryed tulips1

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  1. isathreadsoflife on

    One of your best February inspiration until now… a beautiful blending of bokeh and amazing details on the flower. I love it.

    • Giiid on

      I agree, this is the best, and luckily I am almost sure I know why, the most important is the sunshine / light (and the shadows from it), and the existent of a center “where it all comes from” so to say. I think it is important that the message is clear, what kind of feelings the picture is appealing to. It demands the photographer to be focused, which again demands thoughts about what would be interesting to tell. Studying good photos and find the reason why they can reach the viewer is very interesting. Especially old photos, I think they were much more focused than we are today, where almost everyone has a camera, and take pictures of everything. Have you seen some of the photos by Albert Kahn? There was a documentary about him in TV. Very fascinating.

      • isathreadsoflife on

        I am not familiar with Albert Kahn but will search for him on the net. Thank you for sharing those interesting thoughts about photography, focusing on what it important for us in a particular shot. You are right, it was more so when we used old cameras, thinking twice before clicking and being more conscious of what exactly we found appealing. A great lesson, Birgitte, thanks.

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