December 14


I don´t know this cat, it was suddenly in my garden. Perhaps it is a nisse?

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  1. newmexicomtngirl on

    what is a nisse? She/he is a lovely cat. the only ones we’ve ever seen up here are wild as all git-out and won’t even come close. I would love to friend one that lives on it’s own. Our mice and chipmunk population is down tho and I love that, so there must be one somewhere. Oh yeah and I did notice the coyote den that has been empty for years has some newly dug soil around it, so hopefully this spring we will hear the little ones as they are getting their voices.
    peace n abundance,

    • Giiid on

      Hi CheyAnne. So nice to see you here.
      In December, there are “Nisser” nisses all over our little country. According to folklore, a Nisse is a little person dressed like the farmers did in old days. He was living at the farms back then, using his magic skills to be good or bad, depending on how he was treated. To please him, it was necessary to give him a bowl with rice pudding. He could change and become an animal, if he wanted, especially a cat or a bird.
      Today, we connect nisser with Christmas, and use to have small figures of him everywhere. It is a tradition for families to place a bowl with rice pudding at the loft for the nisse, and then wait some days before they go back to find an empty bowl. If something strange happens, we can explain it with a nisse´s cheating. So…Perhaps this cat really is a nisse…
      By the way, you would be able to make adorable nisse drawings, if you knew about their history.

      • newmexicomtngirl on

        Oh how fun is this. How lovely to have traditions. Your nisse is very beautiful and I hope he/she brings only good everywhere they go.

  2. montucky on

    That’s a pretty cat! I think it made a set of those tracks, probably hunting for the mouse that made the other set.

    • Giiid on

      It shows that you are very aware of life and signs in nature. 🙂 This cat has been very interested in sitting at this spot, so I think you are right. It is a good place to hide for a mouse, -under this wooden platform-, and what you can´t see is that there is a nice big hazel behind. So all in all…this cat surely has a plan by sitting there. It is a beautiful cat, and I hope it will come visit me often. As long as the mouse is here, chances are good, I suppose.

  3. Anonymous on

    This cat is remarkably beautiful! If this cat is a neighbor,it is strange that you have never met him/her before. Usually, to take a cat photo with the eye contact is not easy as the cat is wound up before the stranger; but it seems this cat is reluxed with you and your camera. So you are right, this cat must be a nisser!

    • Giiid on

      It is a very sweet cat, and a very active cat too, so sometimes it´s good with a little break. It looks to me like a Norwegian Forest Cat, which are told to be an intelligent, brave and calm cat. But a monster for the birds, that is the bad side of it.

  4. Sumire on

    Giiid, above anonymous is me. Did you find this cat’s master?
    I posted this cat photo on my facebook. Everybody may love to see, I am sure!

    • Giiid on

      Oh it you 🙂 welcome. No I haven´t found the owners yet, I suppose they live close, because the cat can hear when I start cleaning the garden, especially when the old leaves on the ground are being removed. Then it comes jumping from out of nowhere like a little tiger, trying to catch the rake I use.. 🙂

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