Colorful assignment

The subject for this assignment is colors in photography. Beside inviting everyone to join, Scott Thomas has also posted several links at his blog leading to articles about this particular subject. Readers at my blog will know that I am very happy about colors, and Scotts announcement of his new assignment has been a welcoming reason to post colorful pictures without any other reason than just preparing for the final assignment. (see previous posts)

Despite this playful posting, I actually understand the meaning of the assignment a bit different, – as a question of taking photos where the color are making the point. I have made two of my humble photos in black/white to show what I mean, but if you want to see a real master, take a look here – Bryan F. Peterson.

Since I have been looking for colorful subjects the past weeks, I have a few more photos for this assignment.

Thank you one more time to Scott Thomas, for making it extra fun to blog.

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  1. isathreadsoflife on

    Bravo Birgitte ! I like the way you looked at this assignment and searched around you to make your point. As much as I enjoyed your “preparation” pictures, I must say the ones you chose to present for the challenge really attract your eyes to the colour you wanted to focus on. Is red your favourite colour ?;) I love the train in the night and the many colourful glimpses you captured.

    • Giiid on

      One good thing about winter time is the many lights that are turned on, already from late afternoon. I like trying to catch the ambiance at the streets, the low light makes the photos blurred and a bit dreamy. Red, yes, a color impossible to ignore, it does appeal to me but it has to be the right one. Thank you, Isa. 🙂

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