“Colorful assignment” preparation 5

Another back-lit photo, as preparation for the “Colorful assignment” held by Scott Thomas, who invite everyone to join by posting a colorful photo before November 21 “at home”, and then send a link to it here.


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  1. Gerry on

    That is another one to warm a winter landscape. It’s as if I’m an elf tucked under the flower and peeking out at the world. Or a Nisse. (Do Nisser ever visit outside of their Regularly Scheduled Assignments? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one in the summertime.)

    • Giiid on

      I have the same feeling of being almost inside the flower, when I take such photos, but when it comes to Nisser, they prefer to stay at the ceiling, and you are quite right about their “Regularly Scheduled Assignments” (sounds very good) they never show up in summer, or at any other time than December. Except for all the shops who start selling copies in october, but that is another story. In 14 days they are everywhere, I better start cooking the rice pudding.

  2. isathreadsoflife on

    How could I miss this one ? I love those layers of petals, each different as the light shines through them. Very special and beautiful !

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