March 1 is the first day of spring, in Denmark. Seen from a calender view of course, but the weather has been fine and mild the past days, so perhaps the heavy winter clothes can be put away before too long. (It´s never time for removing light winter clothes in this country!)

The photo was taken some weeks ago, not today. Like many others, I too got sick and had to stay inside for a while. When I was a child, my mother used to buy a “Donald Duck” for me in such a situation. That was the time when we celebrated things by sharing a soda, my mother, me and my 4 siblings, – and there would still be something left for later. My mother was very good at pressing the metal cap back on, I can still imagine the little click.

Perhaps you have a little doubt about the number of soda and drinkers?  I´ll give you that my youngest sister actually hadn´t been born yet, as she is 12 years younger than me, and my other sister probably was so much baby, that we could share a soda without her knowing about it, but I garantee you that my brothers was on the spot if they heard that cap being removed.

Well, back to Donald Duck, I really should have bought the latest number, just as I was considering when we stood face to face  last week at the super market. I think it would have made me well faster,  on second thoughts it probably would have been a problem convincing my husband that he had to read it all loud to me.
Some matters are just too complicated to explain.

One very festive day, I will buy both a soda and a Donald Duck. I think spring could come up with such a day.


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  1. kiwidutch on

    Great Post!
    I don’t have any click of the bottle cap to remember but the “fttt” of the gas escaping as the lid was prised open was always special .
    A fizzy drink was for us a VERY rare treat so we would eagerly anticipate the bottles being opened and if we were really lucky we could keep the empty bottle and take it back to the corner shop where you could get a few cents deposit back on it.
    Those few cents could buy a small white paper bag with sweets… double bliss!
    btw Your photos for today’s post are PERFECT!

    • Giiid on

      The”fttt” sound was of course the best, because at that point the bottle would be full. Perhaps you remember the caps with pictures inside, or letters or anything that could make people buy more. There were prizes now and then, probably a whole box of soda! What a luxury. What a soda time.
      Thank you for the photo compliment. 🙂

  2. Gerry on

    Oh, yes – little glass bottles, too, not the supersized ones of today. A very special treat. And then, to have the nickle deposit to spend!

    Comic books were Not Allowed, but Little Golden Books were acceptable. There were some Donald Ducks among those, but my personal favorite was Bugs Bunny, who could always foil Elmer Fudd.

    I am always available to read aloud. Perhaps I can find a Donald Duck to record for you, against the next time you are under the weather.

    • Giiid on

      I know, comic books did not belong at any bookshelf in my childhood either, but for some reason Donald duck had been able to sneak in. The sound of 5 noisy children could possibly have pushed some principles. I liked Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd too, they are quite funny. In Danish they are called Snurre Snup and Elmer Fjot. Since they were your favorits, you will maybe be happy to know that for 10 years we had a childrens TV programme called Bugs Bunny sunday club.
      Small books here were (and still are) called Pixi books, I´ve searched Google for “little golden books” and I can recognize the size and style. Some of them must have been translated into Danish, I guess. Now that I have seen and remembered how interesting these books were, I´ll make my list of recordings a little longer, though hopefully it will take long before your comforting voice will have a job to do. This flu is not welcome here again. Thank you anyway.

  3. thelondonflowerlover on

    blessed to find you

    • Giiid on

      WordPress is a great place to look for and find any kind of photos, writing or what ever one has of interest. I enjoy the good behavior and serious blogs. Thank you for your kind comment.

  4. milkayphoto on

    Are you feeling better these days? I hope so. I was sick for most of this winter, even went to the doctor. Feeling much better these days but still being careful so as to not cause a relapse!

    We got snow yesterday – not too much – and the weather folks were saying that March was coming in like a ‘lion cub’. Nothing stuck to the roads but it has stuck to the trees and grassy areas giving everything that ‘frosted’ look. It is actually quite pretty.

    I, for one, am looking so forward to the warmer seasons. I do long for the lazy days by the pool, puttering in the garden and nights grilling our dinner!

    The frosty leaves is a pretty image!

    • Giiid on

      I am chocked, were you sick for such a long time?…what a nasty flu you have had. You might have had too much to do in autumn, and spend more energy than you had. I hope the warm weather will appear first in your town, I´ll accept to wait and let the sun warm your home and garden up before it comes here. Before too long you are relaxing at the pool, taking brilliant photos of your small friends again.
      I´m also working on getting well again, this flu is surprisingly tiring, but at least I haven´t been sick quite as long as you, so I suppose looking forward to sit beside the birds pool can do it. “God bedring” to us both.;-)

      • milkayphoto on

        Yes, but the lengthy illness was largely in part to my not taking it easy when I should have. Who can slow down during the holidays?

        Aw, you are so very kind to wish us warm weather! I think Mother Nature heard you since they are predicting 60 degrees F on Thursday! I’m sure the temps will drop again but I look forward to the hint of warmth!

        Yes, God Bedring to us both! 🙂

        • Giiid on


  5. Nye on

    Giiid, the photos are beautiful, I see the weather is still very cold in your area. My dog and Lee have a very good ear, they could hear everything. 🙂

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