December 21

Only a few days left to find a nice Christmas tree, if it hasn`t been bought yet.

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  1. montucky on

    We found ours a couple of weeks ago and it is all decorated. My favorite here though is a small pine growing in our front yard upon which we string lights that can be seen by travelers passing on the highway. We hope those lights bring a little warmth and cheer to those passing by in the night.

    • Giiid on

      I love those trees with small lights on,it looks very cozy and I like to think of the tree being alive and still there when Christmas is over. It demands some amount of energy to decorate the tree, and make it all work, that is another good sign to send. Once I bought some solar candles for an outside tree, but….the sun almost never shines in December, and these lights never ever worked. I gave up and took them away. One summer, when I was cleaning the litte barn, I saw these lights, and thought I´d better throw them away and took them outside. When the night came, I saw a mysterious light at the lawn, that was of course the small Christmas candles, which finally worked. From that day on I used them as a summer decoration in the garden, and that was very nice to look at. As Christmas candles, they should have been send to Australia, not Denmark, but never mind, I like my garden look like a little circus in summer.

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