December 20

Brune kager, Vanillekranse, Pebbernødder, Specier, all of them Christmas Cookies that has to be sold now. After Christmas it is possible to do a very good buy. Unfortunately there is a limit of how interesting these cakes are, (even if they are on sale) when all the Christmas hullabaloo is over.


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  1. Reggie on

    What do those names mean? Brune kager, Vanillekranse, Specier?

    • Giiid on

      Brunkager means “brown cakes”. They are spicy christmas cakes containing cinnamon, ginger,potash, cloves, almonds…
      Vanillekrans means Vanilla wreath. Sweet butter coocie with vanilla taste, Specier is butter cookies with almonds, and peppernuts you know, they are spicy small cakes with pepper. All og them are called småkager, “small cakes” (butter cookies).

      • Reggie on

        Ahhh! Thank you for explaining, Giiid. Are ‘brown cakes’ perhaps ‘Lebkuchen’ in German? It kind of sounds like it.

        ‘Vanillekrans’ reminds me of the half-moon shaped biscuits that my Gran used to make with ground almonds and vanilla taste – we call them ‘Vanillekipferl’.

        This is all mooost intriguing, and they all sounds totally scrumptitiously delicious! 😉

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