December 6

I promised Mrs. Uhdd to post the recipe for RISENGRØD, a kind of ricepudding, the favorite dish for all Nisser. Long time ago, rice was very exclusive food, and therefor the best thing to give the farm-Nisse in December, to prevent him from being mad, to tease – or in worst case to leave the farm and take all happiness away.

In December you can find many families place a little bowl with ricepudding at the ceiling, to please the nisse. The interesting part of this action is when the children later want to see how much the nisse has eaten. There is a lot “sneaking around at ceilings” in December, after childrens bedtime.

Now to the recipe. This rice is the type we call porridge-rice, not ordinary white rice. It takes about an hour to make the food, and about an hour to clean the pot, if you forget to look after the boiling milk.
190 gram rice
2 -3 dl. water
1 liter Milk
1 teaspoon salt

Served with sugar, cinnamon and butter. And of course a Nisse-beer.

Boil the water. Add rice into boiling water . Boil for 2 minutes. Add milk and salt. Boil about 35 minutes. That´s all.

The best part is adding sugar with cinnamon and butter…very tasty! No wonder that both nisser and almost all children love risengrød. Im nor sure about the sneaking folks.

From Wikipedia:


Nisseøl (literally elf beer) is a dark, sweet hvidtøl (white beer) which is sold around Christmas time in Denmark. The name come from the nisser (mythical creatures of Scandinavian folklore) who are often depicted on the beer labels. It is not to be confused with julebryg, which is a much stronger Danish Christmas beer.

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  1. kiwidutch on

    I’m really sure that somewhere, somehow it has happened that certain sneaking folks got so involved with ‘eating just a little bit” that suddenly they discovered in horror that there was none left for the Nisser.

    YUM, I love rice pudding *and* I can now try and serve some to my less than enthusiastic Himself but (evil grin) now that I’ve learned a new word, I’ll tell him I’m making “RISENGRØD” dessert and see how long he takes to cotton on…

    The bonus is that I get to finish whatever he doesn’t eat. YES!!!!

    • Giiid on

      🙂 You are sneaky too! Let me know if you make Risengrød one day. I have added a little info about the beer that is connected with Risengrød, perhaps it will make your husband a little more interested.

  2. milkayphoto on

    Oooh, that would warm my soul! I wish I had a bowl right now to soothe my oh-so-very sore and congested chest. 😦
    Not a good time at all to be under the weather! Not being a beer drinker, I would take mine without elf beer. 😉

    Your ‘porridge rice’ looks like what we would call arborio rice – nice fat, short grains.

    • Giiid on

      Flu or cold? Poor you, I wish you to get well in a hurry, you have a lot of Christmas work to do, I remember how beautiful you decoreted your house last year. Thank you for the rice identification, I believe it is exactly that kind of rice.

      • milkayphoto on

        Thanks, Birgitte, for the well wishes – I need them!

        Not sure…I think a cold but if it is, it is indeed, a very strange one. Started out last week (a few days after we returned from vacation) with muscle aches and tiredness, a slight sore throat and slight fever. Lasted a few days and then, I got better (or so I thought) on Sunday and probably did too much (you know how that goes) and by Monday morning, things had moved into my chest.

        Now, I have an off-and-on cough, slight fever and general malaise. I am *praying* I don’t have walking pneumonia or bronchitis. I don’t think I do as I would expect to be coughing more than I am (I had bronchitis 5 years ago…not fun). I am currently taking OTC meds to clear congestion and mucous. If things aren’t better by Thursday am, a visit to the doc’s will be in order.

        If you can believe it, I haven’t done a single shred of holiday decorating inside yet OR holiday shopping and we have a holiday party on the 17th! Trying to stay positive and taking it slow and easy so that I heal and then can get all I need to do done next week. Christmas is coming too fast!

        • Giiid on

          We have an increasing number of people infected with Mycoplasma pneumoniae at the moment. It sounds like you have been infected at your vacation, it´s a good idea to visit the doctor, to be sure about what it is, perhaps you need some kind of medication. I think all of your Christmas decorations are impatient to come out, I´m sure they want you to be well as fast as possible.

  3. Nye on

    Looks yummy, I have to give this a try.

    • Giiid on

      Did you read Tracy´s comment about the rice name possibly being “arborio rice”? It sounds to me like if it is correct. Perhaps there are other types of rice with the same properties?

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