Collage for Deanna

I´ve made this collage, thinking of  jeweler artist Deanna Gracie in New Zealand.  In September 2010, an earthquake destroyed Deanna’s gallery. She found a new place and worked hard on making it ready for a new start.  At January 28, she announced the opening.

The new earthquake at 21.2. 2011 is the worst in New Zealand for 80 years. Many people have died, and many buildings in Christchurch is now in ruins. I was relieved to see a note at Facebook, a person had heard from another that Deanna was OK.  I don´t know anything more than that, and I can imagine the chaos. My thoughts is with you Deanna.

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  1. thedailyclick on

    What a beautiful collage! This is one of my favorites from you.
    I’m glad to hear that Deanna is OK.

    • Giiid on

      Hi Michaela, – thank you. 🙂

  2. montucky on

    The collage is gorgeous! I’ve read about the quake in Christchurch. My heart goes out to those affected!

  3. Gerry on

    That is a very beautiful way to hold a good thought. It’s like a flag rippling in the breeze. Perhaps it should fly over Facebook as well?

    • Reggie on

      I agree, Gerry. A flag rippling in the breeze… beautiful collage, Birgitte.

  4. kiwidutch on

    Wonderful to hear that Deanna is ok… with my own family and friends also in Christchurch and it being my home town, I know only too well the enormity of this disaster and how it will forever change Christchurch and it’s people.
    I’m delighted to hear that someone you know is alive and well, material goods can be replaced but the loss of loved ones is a hole in your life that can never be refilled.
    Stay strong Deanna, we are thinking of you.

  5. isathreadsoflife on

    Beautiful and warm thoughts for Deanna. A collage made with your heart and that will touch hers deeply. My thoughts are with those who had to face such a terrible disaster and, as kiwidutch writes, one that will change their life forever. Thank you giiid.

  6. milkayphoto on

    BEAUTIFUL! Definitely one of your BEST EVER! 🙂

  7. Scott Thomas Photography on

    I hope Deanna will get to this again and read your thoughts and concerns. It’s been a tough few months for the folks Down Under.

  8. Deanna Gracie on

    Oh Birgitte – when I look at this beautiful collage and the wonderful words from Isa and your friends my soul aches with happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart : – ) When things settle I will print it off and frame it so I am reminded of your kindness and the hope I see when I look at each beautiful photograph : – )
    I am grateful to be here….
    Thank you from your friend Deanna X

  9. Giiid on

    Thank you for all the nice comments, which as you see above has reached Deanna. You can read Deanna´s own story about the earthquake and the situation at her blog:

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  11. cindydyer on

    Love your collage, Brigitte!

  12. pearlz on

    What a lovely thing to create for someone.

  13. Giiid on

    Hi Pearlz.
    Blogging can surely be more than just writing into the “open space”. Some weeks ago I got a beautiful present from blogfriend Isa, who makes quilts, did you see this post?

    Nice to hear from you. I read about the cyclone at your blog, what an awful experience you have had.

  14. Maggie on

    Great collage. The pictures are all really strong by themselves so when they are put together they make a really great picture.

    • Giiid on

      Thank you Maggie 🙂

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