Withered tulip collage

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  1. kiwidutch on

    I find these kind of sad… their terminal state is not comfortable to watch. The texture is interesting though…

  2. milkayphoto on

    Wow, I thought I was the only one a bit saddened by the images! It has little to do with the collage (it is quite lovely and the crinkled testures almost appear like fabric) but more (for me) to do with the fact that in the dead of winter I am longing for the burst of life that is spring. Sadly, the longing won’t be fulfilled for a couple more months…

    On an up note, it’s pink and I love pink! 🙂

  3. Carsten on

    This reminds me of something familiar. Maybe influenced by pinkification.
    I like the overall look of the mosaic with its fields of light and fine colors. The fact that you use withered tulips for your composition – with their fine texture – underlines that you master the tools of visual expression.
    Or the short version: Awesome!

  4. thedailyclick on

    Sad and beautiful at the same time. The color of the tulip is soo pretty!

  5. montucky on

    Beautiful, even in their late stages. I so look forward to the tulips next spring!

  6. Nye on

    giiid, the outside spring tulips will be here before you know it. 🙂

    Your tulip images made me think of faded old memories.

  7. Gerry on

    This reminds me of walking through a cornfield, the way the light plays among the stalks, the way the grain of the husks comes clear. (No, I’m not going colorblind, and the pink is beautiful, but the shapes and the light and the sense of movement are very strong. Who knows, perhaps in an alternate universe the corn is pink.)

    You outdo yourself again.

  8. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Life cycles and there is beauty to be found among each part of the cycle. Delicate in the end but still holding on.

  9. Giiid on

    Thank you very much to everyone, it has been so interesting for me to read your comments and learn how you feel about the collage. I am still optimistic in believing that I can make photos of withered flowers that you will like. I am working on it, you will see more. :-)Thank you.

  10. flandrumhill on

    Giid, your collages seem to be more than the sum of the parts. In your previous photo of the withering tulip, the ‘withering’ seems to be at front stage center. But in the collage, the beautiful textures and nuanced colors are revealed and seem to play in the shadows.

  11. Anna on

    great little collage. I love shooting pretty dead flowers, and tulips seem to have a knack for dying beautifully. Ugh all these flowers shots make me miss my mom’s garden and having a bit of a studio (or just dark small place to shoot) I need to figure something out in our little shoebox here.

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