So this was Christmas

Update:  Michaela´s comment mentioning the real candles, remind me of a story:

Accidents caused by real candles happens, or are being avoided in the last moment. As when my great grandmother was walking around the tree together with all of my big family, many years ago. Slowly of course, she was old. Someone had given her a NISSE hat (santa Clause hat)on, a long red hat with  a cotton ball in the end…now you probably can imagine what happened next…the cotton ball hit a candle and began to burn. “Daddy, great grandmother´s hat is burning”…… she didn´t hear this, and she had to look down most of the time to keep the balance,  so my father grab the hat, stepped on the fire, and returned the hat on her head, without her noticing it. I can still see her raise her head and ask with a smile; What?? And my father answered  “Nothing. Keep walking”.


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  1. thedailyclick on

    Beautiful! Your tree looks so pretty. And are those real candles? I miss that so much! I don’t think you could even get them here.

    • Giiid on

      I remember from other years how you explained that it would be to dangerous with open fire in your dry conditions. We don´t have that problem, as you have seen with all the snow we have. Never the less, there is always a emergency bucket with water in the corner. It is very cozy with the candles.

      • thedailyclick on

        We don’t have real Christmas trees, either. A lot of people get the fake trees, and I wouldn’t put real candles on those!! My parents would always have an emergency bucket of water ready, too 🙂 and always keep an eye on the candles.

        • Giiid on

          You answer made me write a little story at the front page.

  2. Scott Thomas Photography on

    My family would never go for real candles. They would be too nervous (emergency bucket not withstanding) with them. I do love the glow of the candles, Birgitte.

    Great story about your Grandmother. 😀

    • Giiid on

      The real candle demands attention from everyone, and a person who are responsible, so I guess that this behaving calm everyone.would. On the other hand, Christmas eve are supposed to be nice and relaxing, so electric lights will let everyone concentrate on other things, – and keep the lights on for hours. Each method has its advantages.
      I´m glad you laked the story. 🙂

  3. Gerry on

    Gleaming candles and tender hands curled together just so in a line of family all knitted together by the stories. What a fine way to end your 2008 blog for 2010! I am looking forward to your 2008 blog for 2011 very much.

    • Giiid on

      Thank you Gerry, for pointing out the joy about the family connection in this photo. Our families are the most important persons in our lives, and a good connection crucial for a good life.

      Almost three years have gone since we started blogging, isn´t it unbelievable? Time is flying in good company, which I have in abundantly here. I am so glad that Miss Uhdh introduced us.

      When I, after having been thinking in a long time, came up with the name to this blog, my son´s comment was, that this was the most unoriginal name for a blog he had ever heard of.

      It was difficult to find any arguments against this, and in a way I was of the same opinion, but as we know, the one who can wait will be rewarded. So, I guess time is working on my side, my unoriginal name will slowly change into being even very original, or at least a bit strange. Older ladies doesn´t mind to be seen as strange if necessary.

      I´m looking forward to get many a good stories from yours and other blogs in the new year, as well as your many thoughtful and fun comments here. See you in 2011, Gerry.

  4. burstmode on

    I could look at Christmas photos all day. There is a lot of warmth in these images. I love your story, too!

    • Giiid on

      I agree, candle lights has so many warm colors and together with the shadows they underlining shapes and sentiments. I believe that the fascination of the open fire is connected to an understanding of its life giving character, though this facts can be a bit hidden in our modern world. I can use my camera, lumix LX3 , down to F2 so I never use flash. I tripod would be fine to have, though.

  5. milkayphoto on

    Lovely! Great story! I, too, was wondering about the candles. If I dared to put REAL candles on our tree, FOR SURE the house would burn down! You are a brave soul, Birgitte!

    • Giiid on

      Burning the house…I KNEW you were a festive person, Tracy. Electric lights seems to be the right solution, then. I´m sure your guests agree in that choice, they´d probably prefer to spend the evening with a glas of wine in hand rather than a fire extinguisher.

  6. Nye on

    I can see that less is more, and the candles on the tree makes it looks so unique, you don’t see it here in the US.

    • Giiid on

      I understand that real candles on a Christmas tree are a rare sight in US. It must have something to do with the clima and (plastic?) trees. What you mention as less is more, make me think about how we say that “everything is bigger in Amerika”. Opposite one could say, that everything is “smaller” here, I think this can be seen reflected in the Nordic (furniture and other) design, simple style is most common here.

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