December 23

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There is one question that gets the major attention  in December; will the Christmas be white or not. This year, I haven´t heard it discussed. The question this year has mainly been how to handle such a white Christmas. Tonights snowstorm has closed many roads, and in some areas people have been asked to stay home. In the area of Copenhagen, it hasn´t been that bad, and I went to the city to do some shopping. I had a lot of time to take photos, because the bus was so delayed. Never bored with a camera in hand, but it was a bit COLD.


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  1. thedailyclick on

    I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now, but the snow is soo beautiful! And since it’s almost Christmas, might as well stay home where it’s warm and cozy.
    Are December 25 and 26 holidays in Denmark? The are in Germany, but only the 25th is a holiday here in the US.

    • Giiid on

      Don´t worry, I could keep on writing about the wonderful sunshine you have! Yes, 25 and 26 are always holidays, the are called first and second Christmasday. This year they are saturday and sunday, which means that people doesn´t get any extra day off. The schools are closed until after new year, and many people have a holiday just as long.

  2. Gerry on

    I must say that looks just like home. Or at least that part of home that I can see from my window, as I am staying inside, wrapped in a comforter, with dogs on my feet. Yes indeed.

    • Giiid on

      This sounds very cozy indeed! A comforter, that´s sound like something for me, I thought, and looked it up. So, I found out that a comforter is what we use for the night, in other words I already have a comforter, I have the snow, now I only miss the dogs. I wonder if the rabbit would agree to lay on my feets without eating my sock…and now that I think of it, I probably have to have two rabbits, not that my feets are very big, but it is a very little rabbit….I have a cozy-problem to solve now. meanwhile I will imagine the scenery in Michigan.

  3. sartenada on

    Wow, wow. I guess that there must have been great problems in traffic? Again nice photos to give memories from this winter.

    • Giiid on

      Yes, there was big problems everywhere. One problem that people can´t accept is, that the trains are delayed because the doors can´t close if there are too much snow at the “doorstep”. Every year this subject are discussed lively, because we think that snow can´t come as a surprise…, and because other countries seems to have found a way to solve the problem. Thank you for your comment, I an sorry this answer is a little late.

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