December 16

A quick shot in between my shopping this evening. More snow.




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  1. isathreadsoflife on

    Wonderful Christmas mood for shopping, giiid. Your Winter seems as cold as ours. More snow here too. I like the shades in these pictures. Anything special you did ?

    • Giiid on

      No, I didn´t do anything else than take a quick photo and post it just as quick. My December posts are not exactly artistically made, but hopefully they are fun to see. Snow in your country is a good thing, soon people will travel in big numbers to enjoy skiing,- or maybe all ready? Here the snow will disappear again before too long.

  2. Sumire on

    Yesterday was the first coldest day. The greeting was “Today is so cold!” The temp was 7 in the afternoon. Perhaps for you this temp would be “the mild day”, wouldn’t it?

  3. Gerry on

    You really captured a winter evening in the city, with the reddish urban glow. I’m surprised your snow will go away soon. Ours came a bit later, but it’s likely to stay until April. Who knows, who knows – the world has tilted on its axis and no one knows where we’re going from here, not even the polar bears.

  4. Nye on

    Does the shop close early during the winter months? The snow and decorations look very Christmasey.

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