December 15

A very very cold frosty evening in Tivoli. The little shop selling gloves was full of people with blue fingers.


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  1. thedailyclick on

    Sounds like it was the perfect day to sell lots of gloves and mittens 🙂
    It looks really pretty with all the lights

  2. Nye on

    I see you’ve captured the moon, I was just looking at it last night and saw the bright ring around it. It’s unusually looking.

    Tivoli does look pretty at night.

  3. Gerry on

    Tivoli is much more complicated than I ever realized. It certainly brightens up a dark winter night, doesn’t it! And imagine a whole shop full of Smurfs. Astonishing.

  4. milkayphoto on

    How fun!

  5. Sumire on

    I remember the night we went to Tivoli together. The roller coaster…to tell the truth, I wished to ride!

  6. Reggie on

    Aww, that looks sooo cosy, with everyone wrapped up in their winter clothes, and walking around in the snow, enjoying the lights… Maybe, one year, we will see this for real, and maybe, one year, we’ll experience the traditional white Christmas that everyone in Europe experiences. Nice dreams… 🙂

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