December 6

I´d like to show you this sight, which I now have to look at every day.  The tree is just outside my front door, and the action took place this morning and some days ago.. Now let me hear what you think about it, who did this….(I know, but I am still surprised.)

UPDATE: Here is the little bandit


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  1. thedailyclick on

    Oh that poor tree! I’m guessing it was some kind of animal? I have no idea what kind of animal, though.

  2. isathreadsoflife on

    I really cannot imagine which animal could do this… One with strong claws and teeth. An amazing sight, giiid. If it were in Summer, it could be lightning ?

  3. Nye on

    I’m hoping that it’s not from a car accident. It seems too high.

  4. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Here’s a wild guess…a porcupine.

  5. milkayphoto on

    My first guess is a tree squirrel. My second guess is a woodpecker. When do we get to know?? 😉

    That is too bad. BUT, the good thing is, the tree isn’t girdled so it should heal itself in time.

  6. Giiid on

    Tracy, you are right, it is the little innocent looking squirrel who made this. Maybe the cold weather with frost has provoked the little fellow to get new ideas about isolating his home…I suppose I am satisfied with having such creative animals around me,- I havent told about my creative bird yet…

    • milkayphoto on

      Yay! 🙂

      I did some reading on the subject and this is most likely a pregnant female gathering mesting material for her impending brood. I suppose we can forgive her a little bit?

      I am no stranger to squirrel damage. We just had to replace a window in our sunroom because one aggressive grey had decided that s/he didn’t want to wait for us to put the peanuts out so s/he ate through the screen and window to get to them! (Hubby found him/her in the act one Saturday morning). We now keep said peanuts locked up tight in a metal can!

      • Giiid on

        How interesting, Tracy. Perhaps we will see new small squirrels then…I will keep investigating. I suppose we can´t name it HERMES then, my greek friend gave it this name, because Hermes was the postman for the gods, and went everywhere, like this little fellow.

        Your story about the damage was interesting too. After having seen the tree in such condition, I have begun thinking about how far it could go in damaging things. Now I know about your experience, and are prepared.

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