18 October:
Sunrise 7:46 am,  sunset 6:02 pm.

Daylight  10 hours and 16 minutes, which is 7 hours and 7 minutes shorter than the longest day.

Answer of the riddle:


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  1. guest on

    I like the colors in the bubbles. It looks like boiling sugar.
    The yellow light on the cactus is also an eye catcher.

    • giiid on

      Hi guest. I was surprised when I saw the colorful bubbles, not in boiling sugar, but in….well lets see if anyone can guess.

  2. Reggie on

    Hi Birgitte, well, I’m going to guess that it’s soap bubbles from washing up the dishes. I’m very puzzled by the dark triangular shape on the left and the bright light, which doesn’t look like it comes from a flash, but from being outside in the sun, which makes me wonder why you are washing the dishes outside? As you can see, I am very puzzled… 🙂 Please tell us, what is it?

    • giiid on

      Hi Reggie. I didn´t realy realize that I was posting a riddle, but now that it turned out that way, it´s quite funny. So, to answer your guess: it is outside, yes, but no washing up, though that activity might play a little (unwanted) role. The black triangle is just a result of the strong contrast in light.

      • Reggie on

        Hm… washing up… ‘a little (unwanted) role’… hmm… pondering… did you wash the car, perhaps, and these are the soap-suds pooling on the ground? Oh! I’m so bad at riddles!

        • giiid on

          Sorry but no! …..No cars were harmed during my photo session… 😉

  3. Gerry on

    I was just wandering through the images, thinking how pretty the patterns of light and shadow were, and now I’m all caught up in the riddle.

    Cider making? We see how my mind turns toward food. A nice glass of beer? Except . . . those bubbles really do look soapy. And that’s a cactus? Really? My goodness.

    Oh dear, the Cowboy is dreadfully afraid this means another session with spray and potions on the deck. He’s gone to hide under the bed.

    • giiid on

      Unfortunately neither beers or ciders were at sight, at the session, (unfortunately they still aren´t) but you are getting closer by mentioning: drinking. That is a key word.

      Under the bed sounds like the right place to avoid spray and potion, I would consider that myself, – perhaps a bit longer than the captain. I send my best thoughts to the poor fellow.

  4. Nye on

    The bubble photo, I wanted to say it’s a birdbath, but looks so odd though.

    • giiid on

      Birdbath is an interesting guess, but this secret subject and birds does not go well together at all. Actually I would get a chock if I saw a bird taking a bath into this XX, not to talk about what the bird would get. 😉

  5. thedailyclick on

    I love the third photo! My guess would be cola?

    • giiid on

      It looks like cola, that´s true, and it is something to drink, yes. But what would be seen as a quality at a cola, would be seen as a failure to the X…

  6. Reggie on

    Oh man, you so have us GUESSING and SPECULATING and WONDERING, Birgitte! The tension of waiting for the mystery to be revealed is almost *unbearable*!!! 😉

    • giiid on

      I believe the time is near for the right answer. At least I hope so, I wouldn´t like to know that I have upset my readers. Have a cup of coffee and relax while the riddle are being solved by one way or another. I´m sure it will help. 🙂

      • Reggie on

        I’ve had a cup of coffee, and I’m thinking it might be a glass of Guinness? Though you did say it’s not a ‘beer’… hm…

        • giiid on

          Reggie, there was a hint in my answer…. 😉

        • Reggie on

          Ohhh! I am SOOOO SLOW! Thanks for the hint, Birgitte, can’t believe it WAS coffee!! What an exciting game to play…

  7. Nye on

    I’m going to take another shot, is it beer?

    • giiid on

      No, it is not a beer, sorry, but thanks for being so engaged in this little riddle. I can tell you that it is a very ordinary thing.

  8. Gerry on

    It must be coffee, but coffee with something in it to make all those bubbles. Probably one of those coffees I can’t spell. I cannot fathom what I am doing waking up at this hour of the morning and speculating on Giiid’s Riddle. Again.

    • giiid on

      Hurray, you have solved the riddle. I went outside with a cup of coffee, the sun was shining and the sunbeams came rushing down in the cup, possibly to take a nip. (Everyone need a coffee break)
      I have posted two more photos, first how I saw the bubbles. Unfortunately my camera was most uncomprehendingly, which resulted in a blurry result, but the colors are clear.
      This is Instant coffee, and it always makes bubbles, but I haven´t noticed the colors before. Perhaps I should check the dishwasher.
      Congratulations with your detective skills. I will think of a prize.

  9. isathreadsoflife on

    Oh, I am too late to guess 😦 I thought of a coffee but the many bubbles made me doubt. Those pictures are fascinating. You really know how to play with light and shades and capturing the magic thus created. The first picture of the mysterious coffee looks like precious stones emerging from something undefinable. I also like the second picture, wooden planks with small white dots. They look like paint marks but they must be light sparks too. Bravo giiid 🙂

    • giiid on

      Oh, I didn´t see your comment before, sorry! Well, I didn´t realy think of this as a riddle from the beginning, so I will make one soon, and not come with the answer before you have send your guess. 🙂
      It´s true, the blurry picture look as if it was stones. I don´t know how much the camera lense has to do with the final result of colors and numbers of edges. Quite surprising. I must admit that I became a bit sceptical about drinking the coffee…

  10. Gerry on

    Oh! That “blurry picture” looks to me like tiny glittering snowflakes in different colors! Pretty! (I have a childlike visual sense.)

    • giiid on

      Your “childlike visual sense” is a gift, and I am glad you still have it. 🙂

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