Nyboder, Copenhagen

A few snaps from “Nyboder” in Copenhagen, (close to a trainstation)  wich I was passing the other day.


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  1. isathreadsoflife on

    Interesting post and what an impressive reunion of bicycles ! As many as in the Netherlands ? I quite like this Nyboder yellow, a touch of colour at any time of the year. It seems like a peaceful area where Autumn shows its first signs on the paved streets. Thank you giiid, have a pleasant Sunday 🙂

  2. giiid on

    Same to you, Isa, I hope you are having sunshine today.
    The area of Nyboder is a peaceful place, though situated in the middle of a busy city. Thank you for responding. 🙂

  3. Gerry on

    It’s astonishing to North American eyes, that forest of bicycles. And that, of course, explains the nearly empty streets. And a lot of other things as well. I’m grateful for the way your posts help me learn a place as surely as if I were living there for a time.

  4. giiid on

    I´m glad if the photos are giving you a little Copenhagen streets experience. I love myself to see the streets and ordinary everyday objects from other part of the world, but to post it is another thing, it is actually difficult, because it is…so…ordinary! It reminds me of a visit at a greek restaurant,- in Greece – where we had to ask the waiter why we couldn´t get any olives….well, the answer was that olives was everyday food and too ordinary for the restaurant….I´ll try to be realy ordinary in my next posts.

  5. Gerry on

    For many years I had very good neighbors who had grown up in New Orleans. They were very good cooks, and loved to invite people for dinner. Boy oh boy did I like that.

    Every now and then the weekday aromas wafting over the fence would drive me mad, and I would beg for scraps. OK, I exaggerate. I just stood out in the back yard and looked wistful. Anyway, Sharon would laugh and bring me a container of red beans and rice. She’d hand it over the fence and say “I’m ashamed to be giving you this, it’s just everyday stuff.”

    No one has ever given me anything better to eat, ever, than Sharon Donato’s red beans and rice.

  6. Sumire on

    The summer scene of the city, “Copenhagen”! I long for to be there again. Here the record of keeping on super hot days is renewed every day. There is no room to create the poet, but just waiting for the cool days will arrive.

    • giiid on

      The weather seems to be extreme all over the planet this year. July has been among the warmest months ever, here in DK, since 1874 when the registration started.
      Today it is the first day of autumn, and the weather is like when you were here. I´ll look for you when I go out. 😉

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