Home again

I´m back home, after some nice and warm days together with all my family, at “our”  village in Jutland. Just in time to tell you that it is my birthday today…..( this information inspired by  an old family member, who used to send postcards to remind people of her birthday!) I hope you have had – or will have – a nice vacation yourself.  Soon everyday life are continuing, and time for blogging as well. I have many photos to show you, and many blogs to catch up. See you soon.


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  1. Gerry on

    Well happy birthday! May you enjoy many more of them. I’m admiring the beachscape and thinking to myself, “That clever Birgitte–I’ll bet she bought blue flip-flops knowing that she’d use them to good effect in a photo.”

    • giiid on

      Thank you Gerry. No thoughts about the flip-flops, they were just there, but they do have a story of their own; my sister gave them to me many years ago at our holiday together, because I had done the dishes all alone every night, for a long time. For some reason she usually gets quite busy (with other things) at washing up time. The only shop in town, the little camping shop, didn´t have a large number of gifts for housekeepers, so the choise was easy. The funny thing is, that these cheep flip-flops seems last forever, and have become a very reliable part of my shoe supply. And I am recalling my big effort every time I look at them, and feel very housewifely.

      • Gerry on

        I love it when a comment leads to a story. You always have very good stories.

        • giiid on

          Well, I´m enjoying to have a good listener, and a storyteller to learn from!

  2. Nye on

    Welcome back and happy birthday giiid. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your summer photos.

    • giiid on

      Thank you Ginger. I am too looking forward, to see what have happened in your garden and around you. Everything grows so fast, and at the same time we have a lot to do, before autumn is comming. My garden looks rather wild now.

  3. thedailyclick on

    Welcome back, and Happy Birthday, Birgitte! 🙂

    • giiid on

      Thank you Michaela. I have had a nice day here, enjoying that the rainy weather didn´t start today as we were told, but tomorrow instead. My young nephews and nieces haven´t been around at this birthday, I think I´ll invite them next year. No one can create birthday mood like children.

  4. Sumire on

    Happppy Birthday, Birgitte!!

    Hope to see you soon!

  5. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Til lykke med fødselsdagen, Birgitte!

    Nice travel photo you posted there. 🙂

    • Scott Thomas Photography on

      I think I selected the wrong language in the tranlator!!!! Forgive me!

      • giiid on

        No no, this is absolutely perfect Danish! I was very surprised for a moment. Thank you Scott!

  6. milkayphoto on

    Happy Birthday Birgitte!!!! I hope your vacation left you refreshed and rested and filled your creative coffers!

  7. giiid on

    Thank you Tracy, I am refreshed, but even though we have 3 or 4 weeks of summer holiday, I could easily use one more.

    I have taken a lot of good photos of the family, unfortunately I can´t post them here, because they don´t like to be exposed on the internet. Too bad, I love to take photos of people.

    Compared to the good old days, the amount of digital photos after just a short trip are enormous…I´m so glad I have Google Picasa!

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