From top left to right:

1. A bit  of a yellow flower, some kind of weed I guess. It found it on a walk, while looking for things to photograph for the blog.
2. A withered hibiscus flower from the plant I have from my mother’s house.
3. This is a fossilized sea urchin, my sister found it when my father excavate for the basement, many years ago.
4. A feather I found in my garden.
5. A type of stone called Porfyr, wich can be found at the beach. This one is from our summer place in Jutland.
6. I found this tiny – and deserted –  wasps nest in my little barn, some years ago .  I made a post about it in 2008.
7. A green autumn leaf from  the garden.
8. My niece found this snail, and asked me to take some pictures of it. I made a post last year with the photos.
9. This is the fragile shell of a sea urchin,  my husband found it at a beach once.

I made this collage for my sister, who needed an illustration for a report  about the merge of 3 Danish museums: the Botanical, the Zoological and the Geological.  This explains the  choise of these photos; 3 for each museum. 🙂

14 comments so far

  1. Reggie on

    Lovely! What an unusual collection of colours and textures!

  2. isathreadsoflife on

    Your collages are all special but this one, truly, is one of your best ! So many textures and shades ! It has an air of holiday for me. It is lovely, giiid.

  3. thedailyclick on

    Beautiful! I always like your collages

  4. milkayphoto on

    Another winner Birgitte!

  5. cindydyer on

    Love your little collages, Birgitte! How have you been?????

  6. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Oh, a nice collection brought together. All things small, too.

  7. Gerry on

    Riches! You shower us with riches! Please, what is the fossil in the middle? And the bud to its right that looks like fabric art? Oh this is a lovely collage Birgitte.

  8. erikatakacs on

    Love the textured ones, Birgitte. Especially the top right and bottom right. Would you mind revealing what they are? Before I die of curiousity! 🙂

  9. Tammy McLeod on

    Art in nature – one of my favorite subjects. I am particularly drawn to the ones that resonate of the sea. Thanks for sharing.

  10. giiid on

    Thank you so much for all your kind comments!
    I have added an explanation to the photos at the frontpage, as I haven´t had much time for writing lately, you know it sometimes demand a wordbook and use of google translater…it takes some time. Reading your comments though is usually a word book free pleasure.

  11. Reggie on

    That yellow flower in the top left hand corner may be a California poppy – look here. We had some of those in our garden.

    • giiid on

      You are right, they look exactly the same. Thank you very much! I think I will go back and look if I can find some seeds, when the time comes, I would like some in my garden too.

  12. Nye on

    You’re very good at this, I’ve not tried to attempt at one yet. I love the different textures of the design.

    • giiid on

      Thank you. Making these collages is like making a puzzel, with crop, color, shapes, light, and what ever one descide to be important as elements. The main “message” is of course important, as indicator of when an element is placed well. I think it is very relaxing, and fun to make. I will look for one at your blog.

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