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Cold bowl shopping.
Perhaps you have read my previous post about the Danish summer dish Kærnemælkskoldskål (Buttermilk cold bowl), of which we Danes are crazy about in the summertime. You might have seen my enthusiastic description as a bit overdone,  wich I can´t blame you, but let me  pass you some “Cold bowl” news, that I believe will remove any doubt of the importance of this dish.
The Danish football team have just been send 75 l of koldskål, all the way from Denmark  to South Africa, to help them get fit for the final fight  tomorrow (thursday) . Did this convince you?  Or do you need one more “Cold bowl” news to believe me? Well OK, the following should do it, at least it convinced me! 
A supermarket was robbed, the thief stole -not only all their money, but also – 1 liter of  Cold bowl. (Kærnemælkskoldskål.)
You need a recipe now, I guess.
Kærnemælks koldskål. (Buttermilk cold bowl)
 2 liter of Buttermilk
3-4 eggs
75 gram sugar
vanilla (½
1 lemon
1 dl. cream
Whip the eggs (for  a long time) with the sugar, then add  buttermilk. Make it taste as you prefer by adding vanilla and lemon. Finally add 1 dl. of whipped cream.  Use any kind of sweet biscuit if you accidentally doesn’t have any kammer junkere.

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  1. Scott Thomas Photography on

    I can see how this would help give a boost of energy to your team. Let us know how they do. I don’t follow football (soccer to us Americans) but did hear the US team won and will advance to play another day.

    • giiid on

      Apparently Cold bowl doesn´t help much, at least not the right team. So…they are on their way home. I´m not interested in football, but i like special occasions, a good excuse to have some HYGGE. 🙂

  2. Gerry on

    I think the Danes sent their team the koldskål so that they would have an excuse to ship some kammer junkere along. The kammer junkere could be soaked in the koldskål and then stuffed into the vuvuzelas, rendering them silent so that the footballers could hear themselves think.

    The only reason that Denmark failed to advance was that the clever plot was discovered and some Japanese fans ate up all the koldskål and kammer junkere.

    • giiid on

      Gerry, I think the Danish team would be very glad to have this explanation ready for the journalists. I´ve just heard that they aren´t too happy about meeting the press, when they arrive before too long.
      I noticed that you have a very deep insight in wet kammerjunkere, and their consistensy…must be explained by your Swedish roots.

  3. Reggie on

    Gerry, that would have been a brilliant plot! The Danish team should have had a word with you before their match.

    Thank you for revealing the secret recipe for koldskål, Birgitte! Now we just need the recipe for the kammer junkere, and we’ll be ready for summer! [It’s very cold down here at the moment, but that’s because we have winter right now in the southern hemisphere.]

    • giiid on

      Oh yes of course, Kammejunkere is a most important part of this food, so here it is. I´ve never tried to make them myself, but perhaps I should give it a try, now that you made me find a recipe:

      250 gr. flour
      2 tsp of baking powder
      1 spoon vanilla
      75 gr. sugar
      75 gr. butter
      1 egg
      1/2 dl cream

      Make them abut 2 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick.
      In the oven at 200 C, for 7 minutes
      Then cool them down, and
      cut them in two.
      Into the oven again, to dry in about 6 minutes at 200C

      I know I will be so much longing for summer, when it is your turn to enjoy the sun being close. Now that we cant have it at the same time, lets make use of the blogs and share it all the year by photos.

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