My contribution to Scott´s assignment

Photo 1.
 This is a Christmas rose   The photo shows the seeds wich are about to be ready for coming out. It has been preparing about half a year to get to this point. I was curious, and looked it up at Google. I bought this plant in December, and until now it have had its resident in the kitchen. I know it isn´t the best place, according to the mix of soil and food, but I was careful. When I red about the seeds though, I learned that the seeds  are very poison, as well as all part of  the plant are. The Christmas rose has moved out and into the garden!

This photo was taken in  northern light. I don´t know how it is around the world, but in Denmark, this means a cold and bright light. To get a photo with a blurred background, I placed the plant in a  (very) thin plastic bag. Next step was to take the photos. My Panasonic lx-3 really understands me, and it is very difficult to find a situation where to adjust its suggestions.
The data is: F/2, ISO 80, 1/80 Sek.

Photo 2.
I still think, that the most creative exposure I´ve seen so far, is the one Scott made of the train moving. In this photo, the exposure are really creative  and underlines the situation.
I was looking for something that moved, fast. I have two Squirrels in the garden, but they are moving so fast that I only have photos of their tails.
Luckily I have a rabbit too  Though  not exactly running fast in its  cage, – it eats very fast when it gets Dandelions. My plan was to make a photo of a flower in motion, and of course the rabbit steady and clear. The rabbit had a feast, eating one flower after another. But after some time and a lot of shots, I was beginning to run out of Dandelions, and patience, so I decide to use this shot taken a weeks ago.
The data is: F/2,8, ISO 80, 250 sek

Photo 3.
I was once told from a secretary at a design school , that persons working with creative stuff can be very difficult to make final appointment with, because they have a tendency to  expect that some other idea might appear and change the situation. According to this theory, it is seems to be quite predictable that I was still looking for motives at 10:33 pm, less than two hours before deadline.

And as a truly example of this,  I noticed with satisfaction the moon twinkled at me, offering an opportunity to catch it with a very fine blurred ring around it.  At last I could make some creative exposures. Standing in the dark garden, with my little invisible camera reached against the moon, quite still for a long time, I had only one concern;  the neighbours in the windows….would they understand the importance of creative exposure around midnight….

The data is: F72,8, ISO 400, 1/10 sek

15 comments so far

  1. thedailyclick on

    What kind of flower is that first one? It looks really interesting and I like how you captured it.
    The rabbit is adorable ♥
    I really like the last one, too, with that lonely light in the darkness.

    • giiid on

      Michaela, I have written about the photos now. The rose is a Christmas rose. I love these flowers, I think it special in some unknown way. Hopefully it can grow in my garden.
      Thank you for the little heart to the rabbit. I will give it a Dandelion from you now. 🙂

  2. Nye on

    giiid, such cute bunny, is that your pet bunny?

    I also took a picture of the full moon last night, but it was still bright outside. I like your image that the moon glows in the dark.

    • giiid on

      Yes, it is our pet bunny. My son got it when he was little, but now it is my husband who take care of it. It is getting old, the little fellow.
      Did your moon look as blurred yesterday? I like the thought about looking at the same moon, even so far apart.

      • Nye on

        My moon was blurry, and it was tiny in my picture. The real thing looks a lot bigger. It’s neat that we all took picture of the same moon. 🙂

        I have to give it a try again, maybe it’s better to take it when it’s not too dark outside.

  3. Gerry on

    The blooms are gorgeous and the night mysterious, but oh, my, the combination of rabbit fur and chicken wire and bright yellow dandelion — what a puzzle you set for yourself! And you solved it! I am impressed.

    • giiid on

      Actually it is thanks to my camera, a Panasonic LX3. It is a compact camera, but a very adcvanced one. This means that I can shot all automatically, or all manual. In between this, there are many options, but the auto function is quite good, so why not use this. The lense is from Leica, make very clear photos. I am excited to see wich camera you will choose.

  4. Deanna on

    I love the bunny shot! It looks like he is twirling that dandelion – cute.

  5. kanniduba on

    What a beautiful shot of that Christmas flower! I have never heard of that before. Great capture. 🙂

  6. truels on

    I’m glad you got the midnight-moon shot in your post too, there is a fine contrast between the moon, the dark-blue sky and the trees. And that first one of the Christmas Rose, it is VERY beatiful with the blurred background. I must have a look at my Christmas Roses again now…

  7. karma on

    I love your bunny shot! I am often amused by the wild rabbits that come to feast on the dandelions in my yard (a nest of baby bunnies was the feature of one of my first blog posts a little over a month ago).

  8. JenniferA on

    Oh, I love the bunny but now I am picturing him chowing down on the cauliflower in my garden that disappeared this week!

    My favorite is the moon – I never have luck photographing the moon. You have inspired me to try again!

  9. giiid on

    Thank you very much for every comment. This has been an interesting assignment to join, I think Scott has inspired a quite a few bloggers to study the camera menu a little closer, – at least I did. Let´s see what he will come up with next, before we know it, we have become experts in camera settings.

  10. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Glad you found the assignment stimulating, Birgitte. Your results are just as stimulating from reading over the comments.

  11. erikatakacs on

    These are all great shots, but I like the one of the moon most.

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