Withered tulip mosaic – take 2

The first mosaic was perhaps a bit sad because of the big photo in the middle,showing a withered tulip. Hopefully this mosaic is less sad and more “pattern-like”.  Sunshine through the withered tulips, made the leaf structure come out more clearly, and a lot of new motives showed up.


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  1. drusillah on

    aye, it’s much better like this 🙂 i like how the shadows and colors play on the leaves. plus all the different colors… a very nice and unique mosaic 🙂

  2. giiid on

    Thank you for feedback, Drusillah. I think you are right, this one is better. Possibly because the viewer now is more free to imagine whatever he/she likes to see.

  3. Reggie on

    Oh, I agree – this one is also very beautiful. The patterns and colours definitely stand out more.

    Either way, though, Birgitte, both mosaics had their merits: it just depends what message you want to send out, and how you want the reader to feel when they look at it.

    • giiid on

      That is so true and almost my mantra as a graphic designer. Actualy I think it is a good question to ask one self before the start of any new project, big or small. Of course the brain has to have a little vacation now and then, and enjoying the exitement about doing something totally without any plan.

  4. Gerry on

    It’s very pretty. Sunlight on tulips at whatever stage is a lovely thing. I, um, liked the original better, but that’s just me.

    • giiid on

      I am glad to know that the original isn´t all alone.

  5. thedailyclick on

    Yes, much better. So colorful 🙂

  6. Nye on

    It looks so rich, very much like silk fabric.

    • giiid on

      You are right, it actualy looks like silk. The flowers were dry, but kept the glow for a while.

  7. awalkabout on

    Amazing composite, as always. You have such an artistic eye. I still have the one you sent me a couple of years ago displayed in my office. People ask who the photographer is all the time. I’m proud to say it is my friend from Denmark!

    • giiid on

      Well, you should see how proud I am smiling right now! I am so glad to hear that the mosaic still can do some good. Congratulations with your comming book!

  8. cindydyer on

    Fantastic idea for a collage, Birgitte! I think you should enlarge each photo to 6×6 inch (or 12 x 12 inch!) panels and arrange them on a wall! Really, really neat—and I love the color palette, too.

    • giiid on

      Thank you Cindy, you konw I appreciate your advices. I haven´t made any prints of my photos yet, but I am beginning to get curious about how they will look at paper. Perhaps I should make a try with this one.

  9. Isabelle on

    A very artistic mosaic, giiid. It could be a watercolour, silk folds, each of them a lovely still life. I like your way of looking at the various angles of a flower.

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