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This blog is a photo blog. Sometimes it is also a blog about Denmark and our strange habits,- but today it is a blog with some of the latest news; matters that a lot of us in DK are concerned about right now.

All airports closed.
Every airport are closed, at least until tomorrow (16.4) noon. Not only in Denmark, but in all the countries that are influenced by the ashes from the volcano in Iceland. This is the first time it happens ever, that all airports are being closed. The problem with the ashes have been here before, but at that time airports wasn´t invented. 1783. If the problem will last as long as back then, passengers have to be patient, it lasted for ½ year.

Update 16.4. The stop has been futher extended.
News from the university of Iceland:

Sundown with ashes.

Queen Margrethe 70 years.
It is the queens birthday tomorrow 16.4, she will be 70 years. There are many arrangements for the Queen and her guests, today a Galla performance at the Royal Theater, send at TV. I´m watching it now, as I write this. Tomorrow a festive dinner. Some guests from abroad  have got a problem now the airports are closed.

Little mermaid in Tivoli.
Tivoli has opened today. This is a sign of spring. This year Tivoli will be hosting a copy of the little mermaid.  As some of you might know, the original little mermaid has been send to China, to join the world exhibition there. Not everyone thought that this was a good idea. For the tourists, there will be other things to see at her absence , the next 6 months. But other things is not “The little mermaid” and the descendants of the sculptor Edvard Eriksen, has lent their copy to Tivoli this season, because they would be sorry for disappointed tourists.
I went to Tivoli today, to get you some photos. And you know what I forgot all about when I came…the little mermaid. But i got the pantomime theater and the concert hall!

Anemones has come out.
This flower are mentioned in many songs and poems. It is a true sign of spring. I have some in my garden, even these flowers mostly are growing in the wood. Today they came out. This means that the forest floor will be totally white for a while. I´ll post some photos of that sight later.


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  1. thedailyclick on

    I was worried when I read that all the airports are closed.. I’m glad it’s “only” because of the ashes from the volcano. I remember, after the 911 attacks, all the airports in the US were closed for a long time. It was really strange to look up into the sky and not see any airplanes.

    I LOVE your sunset photo, and the pretty anemones.

    • giiid on

      It surely is an unknown situation not to have airplanes passing the house regularly. We are living close to the Copenhagen airport, I use to wait 10 minutes after departures, before I am going out in the garden to wave, if I know someone who are leaving. Of course they can´t see me, but I can see the plane, and have some fun! 🙂
      News about the volcano isn´t realy uplifting. Not because the total stop for flights have been extended, but I´ve just read more closely about the vulcano Eyjafjallajökull and it´s connection to a much larger called Katla. I realy hope Katla will stay sleeping.

      • thedailyclick on

        I just read that, too!
        And, I have a friend here in the US, who planned to fly home to Germany next week, but may have to cancel (or postpone) her plans. Even if she does get to fly to Germany, there’s always a chance that she will be stuck there for an unknown amount of time if the airports close again.

  2. Nye on

    I heard on the radio that the volcanic ash can cause the plane engines to shut down, I guess grounded for many travelers.

    It’s nice to see spring flowers in your area, hope to see more. 🙂

    • giiid on

      That is true, it was told that the ash partly can cause instruments to stop working and partly are like having the airplane going through a sandblasting. I´ve never known about that kind of danger according to fly, I suppose this will be an add to my hesitant about flying. I don´t have many idols, but I do admire clever and well trained pilots, when I am in the air, as well as air traffic controllers, who doesn´t take any chances these days, no matter what. 🙂

  3. isathreadsoflife on

    Thank you giid for all the news and great pictures. I also heard on the radio that the cloud of volcanic ash will be over the Zurich area some time this morning. Anemones have come out here too, one of the first Spring signs in the woods. Lovely sight.

    • giiid on

      Is it the same type of Anemones? I imagine that there are many beautiful low plants at the alps. I had a very sweet little Edelweis jewellery once, the beautiful flower. Unfortunately I´ve lost it, but I´ve always liked this flower. Is it a national symbol in Switzerland?
      Let´s hope the problems about the volcano doesnt escalate. I´ll follow the situation in switzerland, too.

  4. burstmode on

    I love the anemones. Yours look quite different from ours, which is not surprising.

  5. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Man thinks he is so important and then Nature says..not so fast. Hopefully, you will not be affected and can enjoy the splendor of some beautiful sunsets. There is talk of airlines making arrangements to fly different routes and relay through southern Europe. Man can adjust because he can not stand up to Nature when she is this strong.

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