Sunday drive

We went for a sunday drive, and as usual I took a lot of photos from the car while my husband were driving. We can´t stop every time I see a motive, so I have developed a routine in taking these car photos: whenever the car stops for red light, or of other reasons, I am ready to shoot. The camera is set for “sport” , wich is exactly how it feels having  to catch the motive so fast. My son has followed me in this, wich means that my husband now has two engaged photographers hanging out of the window every time the car slow down. Many times he try to make it clear, that his job as the driver necessarily must have top priority, but a true photographer are not receptive of that kind of objections, if a motive is in sight.

The other day, the evening sunlight was special, and I wanted to take some photos.  We were driving at a road without any traffic lights. No cars in front were slowing us down. No chance of capturing the warm colors…
I managed to make my husband stop the car, just for a short moment. While I was happily looking for a motive, my husband stood thinking, probably about how long he had to wait for me.

I found my motive.

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  1. thedailyclick on

    Our poor husbands… maybe we should make them stop more often so they can see what WE see!
    I don’t even wait for him to slow down, and even take pictures, going down the highway. If you can set your camera to shutter priority, set the shutter speed as high as possible to avoid blurry photos. But then, sometimes a little motion blur is a good thing 🙂
    I like the warm colors (still looks like fall in your parts) and the pretty blue sky in this picture.

    • giiid on

      Well that is nice to know you´re doing the same thing 🙂 You are right, perhaps I should try to set the camera myself, the sport settings is for fast movements, but of course not many diciplines can compare with driving at the highway…

  2. truels on

    A lovely picture from your trip, it looks like the coast of Øresund? And I think it looks like your husband is enjoying the nice weather and the feeling of spring in the air?

  3. drusillah on

    Beautiful photo… 🙂 The colors are warm indeed, and it gives off a warm and good feeling. Is that a well?

  4. Nye on

    I like to see what he’s looking at, must be a beautiful view. I see it’s still cool in your area.

  5. Dinesh on

    The scene is really beautiful. The tree, the rock, the person gazing towards something… makes the pic creative.

  6. Gerry on

    I like the shapes of the fallen branch and the curb, the shadows, the thoughtful husband with the tree opening above. It all seems very harmonious. I’m glad you stopped.

  7. Scott Thomas Photography on

    I usually drive so I stop when I need to. 🙂 Yes, our spouses put up with a lot but they seem to enjoy being nearby.

  8. pearlz on

    Car pictures can be a lot of fun, I did this on a drive around Tasmania and fot some interesting images.

  9. isathreadsoflife on

    A patient husband under a picturesque tree seems fascinated by the great sky and clouds. Is it your shadow I see on the far right ? ;)Nice moment and story, giiid.

  10. giiid on

    Thank you for all your nice comments, It is a pleasure to read them!

    Truels: You are right, it is Øresund, -the line between Denmark and Sweden.

    Drusilla: No, this is not a well, it is remains of a big old beechwood. I agree, it do look like a well.

    Nye: We have had some warm days, about 10-13 C, but this will change to colder now.

    Dinesh and Gerry: Thank you both for studying the picture closely and give me a detailed feed back.

    Scott ..let´s hope so! 🙂

    Pearlz: You are right, some of them are actualy OK in their own way. I think I will post some.

    Isa: You describe it very nicely. Yes, the shadow is me 🙂

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