Lunchtime with Norton

Tejne 1 800X567

tejne open up 800X692

tejne 800X698

 tejne front 800X783   Tejne lock 800X773

My computer is realy slow now, after having installed a new version of Norton. I can´t help thinking, that this protection is very effective, because it is almost impossible to use the computer.  Just too bad I had to pay for not using it, but I must be glad that it is safe.

Luckily I had something in the DRAFT box. I made this last summer, I wanted to show you an old lunch-box,  a  “Tejne” . My mother gave it to me years ago. She had it as a present from her grandmother, who used it as her lunchbox, when she was young. She was born in 1869. These lunch boxes were ordinary at that time. I don´t know how common they were in other countries?

To make this photo session authentic, I made myself a lunch, wrapped it in paper, and placed it in the tejne, ready to be eaten…in the warm sun…with birds and bees flying around……and the green grass a bit to high as usual.

I suppose I have to say Thank you Norton for this glimpse of summer…

10 comments so far

  1. drusillah on

    It sounds like you had a great lunch! 🙂 Thanks to Norton 😉
    That tejne is from 1869?? Wow is it in good shape!

  2. thedailyclick on

    Such a pretty lunch box, and well taken care of over the years.

  3. milkayphoto on

    What a lovely lunchbox! So sweet that you can have ‘lunch with your grandmother’ by simply opening this box. That’s a treasure!

  4. isathreadsoflife on

    Thank you Norton and thanks to your great grandmother 🙂 This is a wonderful gift, a precious moment too. Lovely pictures!

  5. Gerry on

    This is an absolutely beautiful box. I am beginning to think that everyone in Denmark insists that their everyday possessions be not only useful but beautifully designed. (Please do not disillusion me if this is not the case!)

    It reminds me of Shaker boxes.

    • giiid on

      You are absolutely right about Danes and design. We are so obsessed about getting our hands on desing, that one of the most attractive things to steal is…designer furnitures. My Canadian cousin was laughing out loud when she heard about this, but it is actualy the truth. One never know if there is a chair to sit on, when comming home, or showing up at work. Offices and schools have begun to brand their chairs. Some weeks ago, all the designer lamps inside and outside our local church was stolen…so you see, design has great interesse at both sides of the law.

  6. burstmode on

    I love the shape of that box…

  7. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Nice workmanship on the box. Sorry about your computer. Hope it gets released from the Norton’s strangle hold soon!

  8. giiid on

    Thank you everyone!

  9. Nye on

    I’ve never seen one made this way before, great craftsmanship.

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